Friday, April 15, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/15/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Braille Books for Blind Children:
American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults:

Take action to help blind and deaf-blind Americans. Get to know a blind or deaf person on a personal basis. Inform yourself about the abilities of blind and deaf people as employees and tell employers what you have learned. Encourage individuals with failing eyesight to seek help. Circulate information about help available to blind and blind-deaf people to nursing homes and other organizations which serve the elderly.

Participate in support groups for blind and deaf children. Help find ways to ensure that blind and deaf-blind children in public schools are given opportunity to learn braille. Seek out self help groups of blind and deaf-blind individuals in your community and help with their projects. Provide help to individual blind and deaf-blind people with reading, shopping, driving and other errands. Share what you learn about blindness or deaf-blindness with others.

If you need help of know a blind or deaf-blind friend who needs help please call (410)659 9315 or write American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230. Contributions are fully tax deductible and those of less than $10 will be pooled with others. Every donation helps. (unquote)

Look with your Heart.
You’ll never find the Savior far as your eyes can see. No human eye can measure someone as Great as He. Come to the Fountain flowing. Fall on your knees and pray. Why is your heart’s door closing? Look with your heart today. Look with your heart! Look with your heart! Open your heart today. Come as you are. He isn’t far. He’s just a prayer away. We have been supporting Braille Books for many years. These children write and draw by Braille and send beautiful Greeting cards for any size donation. Close your eyes for a moment and then open them and thank the Lord for your precious sight.

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