Thursday, April 14, 2016

Natural Born Citizen...

You can't fix what's wrong with America by breaking the Constitution.

Natural born Citizen" in Article II, Sec. 1, clause 5, US Constitution: 

This explains "natural born Citizen" in Article II, Sec. 1, clause 5, US Constitution: How our first Presidents were "naturalized citizens" and had to be exempted from the "natural born citizen" (NBC) requirement; shows the common understanding of NBC at the time our Constitution was drafted and ratified; explains 14th Amendment citizenship; and shows why Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not NBCs.

I guess many people still don't understand the true nature and extent of the betrayal that is going on in our country. You prefer to trust the media types like Rush Limbaugh who carried water for George W. Bush for eight years while he got very rich off our stupidity, or Mark Levin who keeps pushing his books and his idea for a Convention of the States when the Constitution is not the problem... The people in power who don't like the Constitution are the problem..

You can't fix what's wrong with America by breaking the Constitution. The fact that so many people believe that the end justifies the means and they are willing to break the Constitution in order to get whatever it is or WHOEVER it is they want IS PART OF THE PROBLEM! That is just what the Democrats did when they elected Barack Obama... and that is what many Republicans want to do now in order to nominate Ted Cruz. That won't fix the problem. You can't fix what's wrong with America by breaking the Constitution. By the way, did you see during the debate how Cruz refused to follow the rules. He refused to stop talking when his time was up.. He just kept going on and on and on... Apparently he doesn't respect the rules of the debate anymore than he respects Article 2 Section 1 of the United States Constitution.

The media doesn't care about the Constitution. They are bought and paid for by liberals. The National Committees don't care whether the candidates are Natural Born Citizens or not. They are controlled by progressives. The television networks that host the debates don't care about the candidates eligibility. They just care about advertising revenue. They are all owned, staffed, and run by the same Establishment that runs both political Parties.

If you don't hear anybody on television and radio objecting to the presence of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and formerly Bobby Jindal at the debates is it really any wonder? It is for the same reason that you don't hear any more doubts being raised in the media about the legality of the current pretender in the White House.

Don't you get it? They don't want to follow the Constitution. It doesn't fit their New World Agenda. It doesn't allow them to take away your civil rights. It doesn't allow them to extend their control over your lives. It doesn't allow them to force Americans to purchase health care insurance. It doesn't allow them to pass treaties without two thirds of the members of the Senate concurring. It doesn't allow them to bomb other countries without a Congressional Declaration of War. It doesn't allow them to confiscate your guns nor to make further infringements on you 2nd Amendment Rights, your 1st Amendment Rights your 4th Amendment Rights or any of your other God given rights which are not enumerated in the Constitution.

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