Thursday, April 14, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/14/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Freedom Village USA, PO Box 39. Dundee, NY 14837 Pastor Fletcher A. Brothers

Dear Friends, 

If you could hear the children’s cry for help and realize they were born innocent. They had no choice when and to whom ....Many of us were born when America was clean...clear water...THESE KIDS HAVE BEEN THROWN INTO AN ABSOLUTE SEWER OF FILTH...IT IS NOT FAIR TO THEM OR RIGHT WITH GOD TO JUST STAND BY AND WATCH THEM DROWN! WE HAVE AN ANSWER! You don’t have to look far to see the pain and what I use to warn you in full color on your news daily. it is a sin against God and Heaven what we have done to our children...and His judgement is falling!

His Word tells us it is better that a mill stone were tied about your neck and you were thrown into the sea than to harm one of these little ones. this is a race against time. The miracles you see and the millions who have been reached through our outreaches are because of the gifts or our supporters but the kids begging for help today deserve that same chance. Please pray for us and send a gift today for the children. Pastor Fletcher Brothers.

PL Sturgis I went to a Banquet in Willow Valley, Lancaster, PA with a friend in support of Freedom Village. I met some of these teenage girls and heard some of their stories. I’m not going to repeat any but I am going to say they were on the street in the night and happy as could be that day and the difference was as different as day and night.

 Walking With Him...I was wandering alone and I walked on my own. I was stumbling in darkness and sin. Then my Savior reached down and His sweet love I found. Now I’m walking...I’m walking with Him. Many woes I can tell...To the bottom I fell...and I cried there in helpless despair. Then my Lord heard my plea and His love lifted me. Now I’m walking in His love and care. All my sorrow He shares. Every burden He bears and His sweet loving grace has no end. If I only believe...I have peace to receive. I am safe when I’m walking with Him.

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