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Ignoring the ‘Will’ of the American People and the Constitution doesn’t seem to be a top priority on either, or should I say the joint ‘Dictator’s Party’ ‘Care’ list!! And why should we care? The answer is obvious, and that’s for the future of our children, and our children’s children, and that alone should be enough for you to abandon this deceiving and fraudulent Bipartisan establishment, and evict them from Capitol Hill! 

The bipartisan Establishment and Media having taken the low road by debating Political Correctness and moral standing, but not the simple message of ‘Making America Great Again.” Even though Trump might not be the ideal candidate, and probably wouldn’t even be my first choice, his simple message rings true, and the only legitimate outsider who took the time to get off the fence and jump down on the side of the American People! We have a Media that hasn’t reported anything that assists in the truth, but only possible half-truths that have been paid for:

Edward R. Murrow

“Edward R. Murrow warned us in 1964 that when news divisions decide that the news has to make money, and has to get ratings, it’s no longer news—it’s entertainment. So, if people are bothered by the fact that we seem to be having entertainment as news, it’s because the news divisions decided that money and ratings were more important than reporting.” We have a system of controls being placed upon us by these two closed door Politically Correct clubs that think that we can’t take care of ourselves or our own future! 

It appears that the only process that that they only care about is about maintaining their death grip on the taxpayer’s purse strings, and the ultimate unconstitutional path being laid out by this non- ‘Natural Born Citizen’s’ ineligible President agenda of bringing down America from within with his Socialist Agenda!! It appears that this November’s election is not about America, and its citizens, but about the wining, dining, and bribing of the Delegates, who are supposed to, but don’t, represent the American People! We pay our officials to follow the Constitution and keeping us safe, and we elected them, and their false agenda’s to get elected to follow the Constitution and keep us safe, which neither is happening!! 

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of a Media that’s more in tune with sensationalism, half-truths, and not taking on the responsibility of properly vetting the ones controlling the lives and future of America. How did Obama and his Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres connections not be the major story back in 2007? That one event alone is what got me off the couch and questioning the political direction of this country, and now after 7 years, this hobby has made me driven, at least until the day after this November’s election. 

I don’t know what you should take away from the last few days of both sides of the aisle arguing about the rules of their elite membership Primaries in their respective parties, but I never heard anything mentioned about ‘WE THE PEOPLE!!” It’s like we don’t exist, and we should wake up and get real! Neither party wants to defend the middle class, and intentionally appear to be dividing the country based on economic parameters, or in other words, the rich, and the poor, and if you knew anything about Obama’s Bipartisan Establishment’s support in putting in place his Socialist agenda, you would know that It creates strife and division: 

Socialism is all about turning people against each other. It has to be. After all, if you believe in controlling people's lives, the people who don't wish to be controlled need to be vilified. If you believe in confiscating the wealth of successful people who won't give it up willingly, then others must be convinced they're terrible human beings who deserve to be punished. "Victim" classes must be created for the socialists to defend because if everyone is responsible for himself, what need is there for the socialist? Eventually, those who depend on government for their livelihood and those that the government smears and loots to pay them off come to hate each other.

I have to ask this of Republicans who are thinking of voting for Cruz, who like Obama is not a ‘Natural Born Citizen, and it’s very simple!! For the last 7 years the status quo GOP has done nothing to steer the future of this country away from Obama, our first and last test of have a President whose allegiance and interests are not about the future of the American Dream, but an agenda of Socialism, and they tell us Trump is not Conservative enough, but the point of the matter is that we don’t want the old Conservative way, we want a new vision of Conservatism because the old version either doesn’t give a shit about us, or is part of the problem and not the solution. 

Cruz might look like a genius because he knows the behind the scene insider rules about getting to the delegates, and bypassing the ‘will’ of the American people, and by doing so acknowledging the fact that his outsider positioning is a charade, and his attempt to steal Trumps thunder by echoing his same battle cry, and not running under his own, and his wife’s agenda of Globalism, and open borders! How stupid do they think we are?? The Media and the ruling bodies of both Political Parties are ignoring the fact that their rules are not including the American people, and they think it’s funny! 

The Establishment thinks that the American people can’t decide on their own future and direction for America! The Media keeps bragging on Cruz, the non- ‘Natural Born Citizen’ like Obama, whose judgement, allegiance and interests may not be 100% about the future of the America, and after Obama, we now know that this requirement, set forth in the constitution to become President of the most Powerful Country in the World is more than just important, but made mandatory by our Founding Fathers to protect the future, and direction of America!! 

They blame Trump for not knowing the insider rules of all 50 states, or how these same states can change the rules at any time. They say that Trump hasn’t hired the right people! I thought the right people were the American People, and not the games and self-serving rules that rob the American People of a future for the next generations to come! I don’t know if you can call it a bounty, but there has to be some kind of monetary reward for taking down Trump at all costs, and the funny thing is that the current political bipartisan establishment caused Trump to rise up from the ashes of this burned out shell of what’s left of the Constitution, and the vision of what our founding Fathers had in mind for us moving forward into the future.

IT's time to clear the Politically Correct cobwebs out of your head and realize that anyone other than Trump, even though not the perfect candidate, who is willing to fund a campaign to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,’ will be our last chance to reset the future for our kids and grandkids! And more than Something to think about!!! 

Jonathan E P Moore ‘While You Were Sleeping’ I have been exiled from Facebook until the day after the New York Primary! Never given a reason, but I think I know….and hope you do also!!!

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