Friday, March 11, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.

God Given...Not Human Rights News Digest International:

December 1992 Dis Servicing national issues US State Dept officials and congressmen, as well as the White House staff and president advocate human rights but these “rights” carry no supreme guarantee.

They are political shiftings with brutal political power-plays for global conquests. “Human Rights” are imposed by public deceptions by political traitors. They are imposed by militants, force and violence; for bribes and press smears for career assassinations. Yet the US State Department's persist in advocating “Human Rights” in contradiction to our Supreme Law, the United States Constitution which is based on Divine Law guides for government by western civilization for stability of justice. 

This massive corruption throughout US Government, particularly in our foreign policy, is disturbing to world peace and tranquility which comes only by Divine Law Guides in Government. By guides of the United Nation Charter for Human Rights, highly misleading for the purpose of world peace, US taxpayers have been subjected to oppressive taxation without representation, the taxes of the majority abused to propagate the contrary culture of those seeking world Power and personal wealth! 

These are the very goals of the Soviet Constitution for a “classless society” which can be realized only by totalitarianism, which includes unjust distribution of wealth and opportunity without representative government, individual rights and the rule of law under God.

President Reagan’s message to the nation July 4, 1983.

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