Friday, March 11, 2016

Trump Ought To Team Up With John Kasich And Run As A Team

 John Kasich knows how to make government work.

Pat Robertson Just Revealed The GOP Ticket He Could Get Behind 
by Jack Davis

Christian broadcasting legend Pat Robertson has a Republican dream team:

 GOP front-runner Donald Trump at the top of the ticket supported by Ohio Gov, John Kasich as vice president.

Trump “ought to team up with John Kasich and run as a team,” he said. “If he wants to have a quote ‘politician’ to get things done, Kasich is the man to make it happen.”

Last Month, Trump was at Regent University in Virginia, where Robertson told him, “You inspire us all.”

Robertson said that because Trump seems all but assured to be the GOP nominee, something he admitted astounded him, Kasich could supply the pragmatism and experience Trump would need.

Kasich is “someone who really knows how to make government work, who really knows the budget cold, who really can deal with these arcane policies. Kasich’s the man.”

On Wednesday, Robertson also mused over the “meltdown” of Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. who was going fine and then “all of a sudden he began to say funny things in these debates.”
Further, Robertson dismissed the candidacy of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Cruz’s brand of pure conservatism, he said, may have hurt him because Cruz “can’t, seemingly, get anything much past the evangelicals” in the way of support.

Trump has drawn from all parts of America in his campaign, including evangelical voters. Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt recently listed five major reasons why evangelical Christians support Trump.

Topping the list was the betrayal evangelicals feel by the Washington Republicans who have failed to stop President Obama.

“They see the Republican majority whom they elected as being feckless, timid and ineffective. They find this very frustrating and they see Trump as someone with the backbone to stand up to the Democrats,” he said.

Obama’s executive orders have bypassed Congress far too often. “Many evangelicals see Trump as the one who will [oppose the misuse of power],” Hyatt said.

Evangelicals feel marginalized. “They are looking for a strong ‘voice’ in Washington, D.C., and right or wrong, many see Trump as providing that voice,” the commentator stated.

Hostile attitudes towards Christianity continue to come down from the White House, Hyatt said. “This trend is very disturbing to evangelicals. In spite of Trump’s non-evangelical past, they hear his bold promise to reverse this trend,” he said.

National security is a major issue for evangelical Christians, Hyatt said, and Trump is viewed as strong in that area.

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