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by Daryavesh Radmanesh

I dedicate my following draft to all those who hold the view that Mr. Ted Cruz's candidacy is in accordance with our nation's founding document legitimate....First issue I have with Cruz, is that his candidacy in accordance with the laws as stated in our nation's founding document is %100 illegitimate..Secondly..That Mr. Cruz, is in fact a darling of the CFR ( Council On Foreign Relations )...The very institution which is and has been for a very long time the primary architect of the dreaded OWO ( One World Order ) initiative the North American Union or NAU objective...A sinister agenda that which his wife ( Heidi Cruz ) held an important position on the NAU task force at the CFR....Please refer to the following material to both effects:


I would like to address the issue concerning the true definition of the Natural born citizen clause in America's founding document...An issue that which its clarification is of utmost importance considering that Senator Ted Cruz, is a candidate running for our nations greatest and highest office...The office of the Presidency.....There is a huge mis-perception and erroneous viewpoint in relation with regards to this matter whereby many are led to believe that...So long as one parent of a child is an American citizen, he or she no matter where they are born are in effect deemed as natural born.....And of course so to validate such fallacious and erroneous viewpoint they in many cases make reference to the 14th amendment so to validate their claim or position on on this matter......So I would like to address the contrasting difference between the true intent for the 14th amendment and the Natural citizenship clause, and also the origins and source for the true definition of the natural citizen clause adapted by our nation's founders.

Effectively the definition of natural born citizen which was first Ratified on 1790 then reformed in 1795, several years prior to the adopting of the 14th amendment which was effectively adopted on July 9, 1868....Please refer to the following to that effect...

Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 1795.
The Naturalization Act of 1790 stated that "the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States."[21] This act was repealed by the Naturalization Act of 1795, which removed the characterization of such children as "natural born," stating that "the children of citizens of the United States, born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, shall be considered as citizens of the United States" while retaining the same residency restrictions as the 1790 act

Which clearly means that...All children born outside of U.S jurisdiction although maintain U.S citizenship status...They however are NOT! perceived as ( Natural Born )...Therefore we can conclude that....For any child born from either one or two parents who are citizens, this in itself is not sufficient enough for them to to hold Natural citizen status if they are In affect born outside of United states jurisdiction.....Meaning that...Any child in order to be recognised in accordance with the United States Constitution as a natural born...He or she must in addition to his or her parents being citizens...The child in question must also be born within the jurisdiction of the United States as well....I would also like to bring your attention to the true source or inspiration for our founders so to implement the Natural born citizenship clause in our nation's founding document.....This was William Blackstone, who was effectively the main authority on the Natural born definition....He addressed the the original meaning or true definition of "natural born" in his Commentaries on the Laws of England,Volume II where he states the following:
'' As to the qualifications of members to sit at this board: any natural born subject of England is capable of being a member of the privy council; taking the proper oaths for security of the government, and the test for security of the church. But, in order to prevent any persons ( under foreign attachments ) from insinuating themselves into this important trust, as happened in the reign of king William in many instances, it is enacted by the act of settlement,l that ( no person born out of the dominions of the crown of England, unless born of English parents, even though naturalized by parliament, shall be capable of being of the privy council. ) ''

A definition which was ultimately duplicated or copied by our founders who in turn utilised Mr. Blackstone's definition of the Natural Born clause during the Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 17951795 convention as shown above.

Effectively , the natural born citizenship clause was put in to place so to address the concern related to the danger of a foreign sovereignty or intrigue infiltrating and thus influencing the office of the presidency...And thus was a clause which concerned international jurisdiction ( Just as Mr.Blackstone had expressed his concern to this effect in his Commentaries on the Laws of England,Volume II, addressing the purpose for and the true definition of what constitutes a natural born citizen. as opposed to the 14th amendment which addresses state or national jurisdiction...As for the 14th amendment was effectively adopted in consequence of the Dred Scott decision...However...

( " The Fourteenth Amendment does not use the phrase natural-born citizen. It does however provide that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.")...Meaning that..the 14th amendment effectively addresses specifically state or national jurisdiction and boundaries and NOT! the issue of ( Natural born citizenship ) status which is as I have already pointed out...A clause which addresses specifically the issue concerning international jurisdiction out side of U.S sovereign boarders and boundaries....

Hence why the 14th amendment unlike the natural citizenship clause makes no reference or mentioning of natural born citizenship requirements etc....For the simple fact that the 14th amendment was adopted in relation with slavery and that of state or national jurisdiction hence the Dred Scott scenario which concerned the jurisdiction of slavery between one state and another....Now there was another explanation as to why the 14th amendment has made no reference or mentioning of the natural born citizenship clause..This is simply down to the fact that all slaves in question weir in affect already natural born citizens for the simple fact that they, also both their parents and forbearance had been born within ( AMERICAN BOUNDARIES OR JURISDICTION ) therefore...They all effectively already held ( NATURAL BORN STATUES ) .

I would like for you dear Sharon, to read the following peice which I drafted several months before addressing my stance as to why Mr. Cruz is not eligible to run for and hold the office of President...Which addressess the source for Law makers today who have declared Mr. Cruz as a Natural born..stems from a piece of legislation push forward by President Roosevelt who as we all know was in fact our countries first true Socialist President...The Legislation in question is called the '' Nationality Act of 1940''...Please read my following draft to that effect...


There are many who hold the view point that...Senator Cruz is a natural born citizen of the United States, even though he was not born on U.S soil and only one parent his mother was in affect a U.S citizen...These views are attributed in most part do to a subversive and fallacious misinformation injected in to the mind set of the American populous, to the effect that....Any such person with similar circumstances such as Mr. Cruz are effectively legally eligible to run for the office of presidency...An analogy attributed to a legislation which had been submitted or proposed by President Roosevelt and passed by Congress in 1933...The legislation in question is known as the '' Nationality Act of 1940''...

Now I have personally conducted a fairly extensive amount of research concerning the legislation in question and my findings surrounding it have been for me to say the least absolutely staggering and frightening.....Effectively the Nationality Act of 1940, is nothing more then a subversive measure put forth so to undermine pervert and thus subvert our nations founding document and the laws therein and so to undermine the requirements needed or demanded by our founding document so to prevent the infiltration, subversion and the influencing of our nations highest office the presidency also our nations laws and legislation.....Please allow me to elaborate....As I have stated...It is in affect the Nationality Act of 1940 which is officially the source or legal code for which our law makers use so to assess the legality or eligibility of a candidate who wishes to run for the office of presidency etc. Meaning if he or she in affect meet the natural citizen requirement or not.

Effectively Prior to ratification or implementation of the Nationality Act of 1940, there was no procedure available for the naturalization of an adopted alien child through his or her adoptive parent or parents. So by Executive Order on April 25, 1933, President Roosevelt ( Whom is well known by the way to have been Americas first true Socialist President ) ordered the establishing of a special committee so to address the issue at hand and thus to find a solution to the problem in question....Now what I have discovered which is absolutely fascinating about this special committee...Was the characters or individuals whom Roosevelt had chosen or hand picked personally so to form this committee and thus to undertake the task at hand....The individuals in question weir in affect without question every single one ardent Socialists....These weir as follows:

Secretary of State- Curdill Hull ( A Socialist and Co-founder also recognised as the God father of the United Nations, with strong ties to the CFR -Council On Foreign Relations.

Attorney General,- Francis Bidll ( A Socialist ).

Secretary of Labor- Frances Perkins ( Prominent member of the Socialist Party USA ).

The Secretary of State Mr. Curdill Hull, not only had strong ties with various Socialist groups both within and outside of the United States...He was also one of the main co-founders of that pivotal Marxist/Globalist/One World Order body the United Nations....But also he in addition also had very strong ties with that Socialist leftest subversive body in America the infamous CFR ( Council On Foreign Relations )...Which indecently is the key body which is the main culprit in the North American Union initiative which also happens to be a major component of the New One World Order objective...Which What is also very interesting about this fact is that the wife of none other then Mr. Ted Cruz...Not long ago just so happened to be not only an important member of the CFR...But rather she was also she held a very important position on the CFR's task force and was also very much involved with the North American union endeavour which the CFR task force was its main architect and overseer....Please refer to the following information to that effect concerning Ted Cruz's wife Hedi Cruz....Now is this not very interesting?? wink emoticon....I think that it is also very important to mention that...Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, who was also an important member of the special committee formed by Roosevelt, was also in affect an important member of the Socialist Party as well....

In any event as I have already pointed out...The true definition as to what constitutes a natural born citizen has already been defined by our founders in 1795, the information which I have already provided.....A definition which our founders had established by utilising Mr. Blackstone's definition as stated in his Commentaries on the Laws of England,Volume II... Putting in to account both Roosevelt's infamous history and credibility as an ardent Socialist and those who he had personally chosen so to undertake the drafting of the Nationality Act of 1940 bill weir also ardent Socialists and culprits in forwarding the Marxist one World Order initiative etc...I think that it is safe to say .That....The Nationality Act of 1940 is in affect nothing more then a measure put forth so to pervert and thus subvert and undermine our nations founding document and the laws as stated Therine so to push forward a covert and sinister objective which its ultimate intent is not in the best interest of America and that of the American people.

The connection between Mr. Cruz and the CFR mr. is his wife Heidi Cruz.. wife Heidi Cruz, She was a major contributor to forwarding the North American Union objective and thus held an important place on the CFR task force in charge of its drafting and its implementation, as indicated in the following document.

Daryavesh Radmanesh

The Selling Out Of America

(Just when we think it can't get any DOES!)

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