Sunday, February 21, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life

The Vital Importance of the Bible

by D. James Kennedy PHD founder of D. James Kennedy Ministries

If you had to leave your home in haste, not knowing if you would ever return, and you could only take one thing, what would it be? Virtually all christians would give the same answer: “My Bible.” Why is the Bible so important to us? Because the Bible is the Word of God. God spoke during the centuries when the Bible was being written and He speaks to us today through the Bible. The Bible is living because the Holy Spirit is present as we read the Scriptures. thus, the passage can seem different to us at different times. Not because the Word changes but because we change. Because God Himself is present in the Word it is Spiritual food. Jesus said, “I am the Living Bread which comes down from Heaven. If anyone eats of this Bread he will live forever. (John 6:51) God declares man does not live by bread alone but by every Word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 8:3)

We christians read the Word of God because we love Him and because the Scriptures demonstrate His love for us. We can not say that we love God and ignore His Word. The Bible is God’s will to us and apart from the reading and claiming of the provisions of that will, we do not inherit the promises. Many men and women find success in this life and in the life to come through their diligent study of God’s Word and application of its truths to their lives.

George Washington, the great founder of this nation arose regularly and spent the time from 5 until 6 in the morning on his knees before a chair on which lay an open Bible. He retired every evening at 9 o clock to the same study, to the same chair, to the same open Bible.
Unquoting James Kennedy:

About Pearl : 

I, Pearl L. Sturgis came from a large close hard working family. Our mother read the Bible everyday. I am the middle child of eleven and one of seven farmer’s daughters. Life was so different then than it is today. Our parents were married 51 years when our Dad died.

Our Mother lived 23 years after he died and though she did have alzheimer's disease she never forgot to read her Bible. She never forgot to pray at night. For 5 years we took turns caring for her and she forgot lots of things, even our names, but not about reading the Bible or praying every night for her children.

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