Sunday, February 21, 2016

Barack Obama Would be Worst Canidate for Supreme Court Ever

by Bernard J. Byrne
In recent letters to the editor and the VENT in the Intelligencer, some writers advocated the appointment of President Obama to the United States Supreme Court. 

I cannot begin to conceive what planet these writers may have come from. I believe it is as plain as the nose on anyone's face, that such an appointment to the SCOTUS would be akin, to blowing up our Constitution.  No President in history has done more to undermine and destroy our Constitution than President Barack Obama.

The President, upon taking office takes an oath, that to the best of his ability, he shall preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I would opine that this President has failed his oath, miserably. 

 He has failed to enforce our Country's immigration laws, our bankruptcy laws, our marriage laws and any other of our laws that do not support his ultra progressive agenda. He makes up laws out of thin air, such as the Affordable Care Act which is considered a tax bill by SCOTUS, even though he knows, only the House of Representatives has the power to enact new taxes.

 President Obama's biggest crime  however are; when he gives aid and comfort to our Country's enemies; when he releases terrorists from Guantanamo, knowing full well that many of them will return to the battlefield to kill and maim our soldiers; or when he gives billions of dollars to Iran, the number one State sponsor of terrorism. 

This President's destructive attacks on our Constitution are committed openly, for all to see. 

Does anyone remember, how President Obama was heard, on an open mike, telling Russian President Medvev, to tell Prime Minister Putin, not to worry, that after President Obama was re-elected, he would be more flexible with Russia. President Obama has certainly lived up to that statement, to the detriment of his own United States and the rest of the world. 

No this President is more suited to stand before a Judge for sentencing, than to become one.

     Bernard J. Byrne is a resident of Doylestown Township in Bucks County, PA.