Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Daily Caller: "Almost 60% of Democrats Think Socialism Is Great for America." 

 Posted by Janet Mackley

Remember what this is about, now. It's about preserving the original American culture -- and make no mistake: It's under siege, and has been for a while, and it's losing. "A clear majority of Democrats believe socialism has a 'positive impact on society,' according to a poll by the American Action Network (AAN).

"The political and economic system that wreaks havoc across the world from Venezuela to North Korea is enjoying widespread support in the modern Democratic Party." Socialism is a fraud. It's never worked. But it's seductive. "A telephone poll of 1,000 likely Democratic primary voters found that when capitalism and socialism were polled head to head, socialism won by percentage points, with just 25% of respondents saying they favored capitalism."

This is not a poll of college students, folks. These were likely Democrat primary voters. In other words: The Democrat base. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not the radical fringe the Democrat Party. They represent rank-and-file mainstream Democrats now. That's just one poll. There is yet another poll. This one is a poll fielded by a Republican firm called OnMessage Inc., and it basically has the same results. It starts out, "Maybe Newsweek was right some time ago, 'We are all socialists now.'"

Democrat voters -- every age-group, every gender, every race -- view socialism favorably, according to the poll. This is within the Democrat Party. I saw on television the other day a woman, a Democrat being interviewed about this very thing. And the reporter expressed shock. And the Democrat woman (she was in her forties), said, "Why? We have socialism now," and she listed off the things. "We got Medicaid. We have Obamacare," and she listed off all kinds of federal programs that, to her, "We have socialism now, and I like it.

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