Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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God Bless the United States Marines.

 Thoughts of a United States Marine
 A Letter written by this veteran

Chappy Gypsy Robert

 My Thoughts:

 I wrote this to Governor Abbott over a year ago, But today I feel and urgency to say it again. Today I reflect back to the Summer of 1981. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. The very day after graduating from Clear Creek High School. You see I joined the Marine Corp in 1980 under the delayed entry program. 

The day after I graduated I was on an Airplane headed to San Diego, California to a place called USMCRD. I remember landing in San Diego and getting off the plane and being crowded together and waiting on a bus. The bus arrived and men started screaming at us calling us maggots and worms and telling us to get on the bus. I entered 13 weeks of only what can be described as hell. We were transformed from a high school boy into a man in a short 13 weeks. 

We started out with a platoon of 75 people and when we graduated we were down to 35 men in that platoon. I won't go into the next several years but I will say that on that day and after my release from service, there was Pride. Not the kind of boastful pride but the kind of pride knowing you served your country defending it with honor knowing that you did your part to keep the rest free. Now there was no way of knowing that our freedoms were under attack by the same people who sent us off to war. There was no way back in 1986 to know that what we were fighting for, was being systematically destroyed.

 Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be labeled 30 years later as a potential terrorist because I served my country. Never in my early years would I have thought that being a Christian would make me a potential terrorist, Never did I think because I was a patriotic male who believed in the Oath I took in 1980 and again in 1981 to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, would make me a potential terrorist. Oh and the Oath we took, they didn't have to explain it. We took Government, History, and Social Studies. We were supposed to know it and we did. What happened America?

 Where has the Country my Father, my mother, my grandfather and great grandfather and my three brothers fought for gone? Are the people so complacent that they can't even understand whats taking place? Has common sense gone that I have to worry about the government that I and many before me and after me have fought to protect, that now labels us as potential terrorist and for what. Belief in God, Family and Country? How did we get here? How did we let it get this far? 
I and many like me are asking the same questions, for we are not the enemy.

 Note by Pearl :

I love this letter written by this veteran. We need to honor our US Marines

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