Friday, February 5, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "The Case Against Marco Rubio - Take One"


"The Case Against Marco Rubio - Take One"

 In New Hampshire the polling shows Rubio bolting into second place The Establishment is starting to coalesce around Marco. The Florida Senator is making noise in this race The DON still has a strong lead. But he is falling off a bit It really bothers me to see Rubio gaining traction.

 The man is nothing more than a flip flopping piece of s**t He is a smooth talking puppet. His earnestness can make you regurgitate His speeches are so rehearsed and canned. This I cannot overstate He must be exposed for the lightweight fraud that is Senator Marco Rubio. The negative political ads we will see increasing. It has to be done post haste The thought of Rubio as the standard bearer is something that should not in the least be embraced We can do much better. 

You can look no further than Donald Trump. We know where the DON stands and that, fellow patriots, is no lie We all know why the Establishment takes to Rubio. He is an 'open borders' type of guy If he gets anywhere near the White House he and Paulie Ryan will be conspiring on immigration They'll certainly push for policies that will be against the best interests of our mation Marco is an opportunist.

 One must see through his facade and take note of many undesirables who will be pulling the strings of this puppet Woe unto our America if Marco achieves his dream. In the Oval Office he must never sit

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