Friday, February 5, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "The Case Against Marco Rubio - Take Two"


"The Case Against Marco Rubio - Take Two" 

 Marco sticks his finger to the wind to see which way public opinion is going Then he delivers a well scripted speech but distrust about him is growing The Establishment likes the look of Rubio. 

He projects youth and exuberance But among those who are Conservative he is met with a growing kind of defiance His accomplishments in the Senate are few and far between. So many important votes we see him miss He must be held accountable for this or else we would be terribly remiss Marco was once a protege of Jeb and now they're relationship is somewhat strained A tough political campaign can cause the rift. 

That's how it can be explained Rubio reminds me of Gary Hart when he ran for President back in 1984 You listen to both speak. They sound so very good but they seem to lack a core Surprisingly, Limbaugh seems to speak kindly of Rubio and frankly, I'd like to know what gives? I think I'm right in saying this. Marco will not gain the support of Conservatives We are all looking for someone who will speak the truth, stand by what they say. It is imperative that we are led by someone who can bring back our country.

 The Exceptionalism that was once our America What we don't need is someone like Rubio who looks to be a fast talking charlatan who kind of reminds us of Barack Obama It's past time that we have as President someone who will earn our respect. Our trust must be earned and complete Rubio does not measure up. He is trying to project a false kind of confidence. Beware of Marco. He is a man of deceit

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