Friday, February 12, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : The GOP field is starting to wind - down now . Carly and Christie have bowed out.


 The GOP field is starting to wind - down now . Carly and Christie have bowed out.

 All eyes turn to Dr. Carson as we ask, "What say you, Ben??" He really has to go and we'd like to know exactly WHEN?? Ben, wake up and smell the roses. With your two percent in New Hampshire you hardly made a dent Let me break the news to you as best as I can. You're not going to be President So as we anxiously wait for him to do the inevitable let us look at who we have left. Mercifully, it will be down to five.

 But wait I think there may be one more Can someone tell me who the hell is this guy who goes by the name, Jim Gilmore?? Didn't he run in New Hampshire?? I believe his finally tally was below one percent This election is driving me crazy. Everybody wants to run for President! South Carolina is next. I hear that Jeb is real excited. W is said to be ready to lend his support. He's a loving brother Another family member comes to this shlub's rescue. 

In New Hampshire it was his mother Marco Rubio is hiding. Perhaps he's getting a new microchip inserted in his head in advance of the next debate He's trying his best to sound authentic. As the saying goes it's never too late The latest Establishment darling, John Kasich, is fresh off his second place showing in New Hampshire. He's being called 'The Anti Trump' But with no ground game and very little money the road ahead for this insufferable RINO is filled with bump after bump It will be round three for the main contenders as the DON versus Cruz Which one will come on top?? 

The South Carolinians will have to choose It is sure to be a battle as each tries their best to gather the most votes One thing is for sure. Until the voting begins on Tuesday there'll be at each other's throats It is absolutely amazing that the Democrats started out with five candidates and the GOP had more than sixteen Now the Republicans have five. 

All are so superior to that pants suited pig or that lunatic Socialist. The thought of either of those two as President is beyond obscene Welcome to Democracy in Action, 21st Century Style So many politicians to truly loathe. So damn many to revile!! Our Founding Fathers continue to roll in their graves. 

They passed us a wonderful document that has stood the test of time The way our politicians disregard it is such a crying shame. Just a terrible crime It is now or never for our country and believe me it is not a joke Will someone tell these Democrats that we are trillions in debt. 

Stop with the freebies!! We are effing BROKE!!

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