Friday, February 12, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : Her donors ask her to do something but what can Hillary possibly do?


 Her donors ask her to do something but what can Hillary possibly do?

She is up the proverbial creek Bernie is humiliating this wretched pig. Out of her mouth we hear cackling. At times we'll hear her shriek Her untrustworthiness just grows and grows. In the New Hampshire Primary she won the vote of those who were sixty five and older Her concession speech ran hollow. 

The Vermont Socialist is getting more confident and more bolder Aside from senior citizens Sanders seems to be truly resonating with everybody else. Can you believe this crap we are seeing?? His campaign crowds are enormous. Cries of, "FEEL THE BERN!! FEEL THE BERN!!" is all that we are hearing This is all getting so very loony. Bernie is espousing class warfare. 

It is on steroids It has truly gone amok What Bernie is promising will cost a damn fortune. From every billionaire this crazy bastard would like to grab each and every buck He calls for leveling the economic playing field, break up the big banks, offer government paid public college tuition This is madness! Hey, Bernie, there can be Oval Office for you but only an effing mental institution All of this plays so well to the millennials. Do they know what Socialism is? Ask any of them for its meaning The dumbing down of our America is truly breathtaking and frankly, very frightening Hillary has an uphill battle. Her donors implore her to retool and try to get her message through Methinks this is not to be. It's wishful thinking. 

I don't think there's much that she can do Moving further to the Left ain't gonna help her in the general election if she gets past this raving lunatic. So much trouble Hillary is in Just put this wretched pig out of her misery and cart her straight to prison That's an unlikely scenario just yet. Let's focus on South Carolina where Hillary is counting on that all important black vote Hey, Bernie is no fool.

 He was seen meeting with Al Sharpton. I would like you to take note But before the primary these two wretched souls will engage in another debate The groveling to the mostly black audience will sickening and enough to make you regurgitate The pundits, the chattering class expect Hillary to rebound but more to,the point they expect Bernie to fizzle out The track record of these fools has been abysmal. Bernie s far from through. That is without a doubt

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