Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Elevated Fence Sitter and Tinkerer of Both Pastures

Take caution in your decisions and choices..... as a child of God, you can't sit on the fence and pick what you like from both pastures.... you can't sit on the fence and claim God is master in your life one minute, then the next, glorify a man or woman's changes that go against the foundations of God in the other pasture. You can't sit on the fence and jump from side to side as it suits your own needs and wants. You can't pick one grape from the cluster of God's knowledge and ignore the rest when it benefits your own daily life and is not obedient to God. To God, fence sitting is abominable. It elevates self over obedience to God alone.
Being human and living on this fallen earth, we have MANY, MANY deceivers who claim their elevated knowledge is the best for your happiness and peace. They lure you up on the fence and seek to convince you to visit the other pasture and onto their artificial, green grass.... all shiny and glistening with the "feel good" music of their cunning words. Just as Satan deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, he continues his deception using your weaknesses and vulnerabilities and those souls around you or in the spotlight that he has stolen from God. And don't you think Satan won't use the elevated person in your society, your culture, your government, or even your church. Satan takes and uses these lost souls fiercely as their positions can be used on a grand scale to deceive souls away from God and His Word. These people are mere humans who have used their gifts and talents and positions for their own advancements while claiming they are "good" and tell "their way" with a falsehood of caring for you.

Deceivers never change....they LIE. They twist a little truth with the poison they insert to pull you in. With the poison inserted and your choice to follow, the first chain link is secured. The bait was taken, and Satan continues to pull you down in the murk of his darkness more and more by deception.

Every day, you make a choice..... the fence or which pasture to stand in and live in. Each day Satan is there luring your choices to him. Each day God is there in love, His promises to you, His Word for your sustainment and strength, along with His WARNINGS against the prince of darkness standing on the artificial grass covering the pit of hell, waving and smiling and calling you over. Don't mistake the false light and lying promises of Satan as a means to produce happiness and joy and peace in your life. HE LIES.

In this fallen world, there is ONLY ONE sure anchor against the storms of deceit that swirl and wrap around your soul to enslave your heart and mind...ONE ANCHOR: walking with Christ, obedience to God, and being filled with the Holy Spirit for discernment, strength, guidance and perseverance. God loves you and cares for you, enough to send his only Son, Christ the Lord, to be your substitute on the cross.

Receive the gift of forgiveness and walk with the Lord all your days. Satan will offer detours that appear as paradise. Reject the deceivers of his army, rebuke the attacks on your foundation in Christ, and make him flee. The battle is real for your soul. Be a soldier of God and stand firm in your place on the real "grass" that covers the only firm foundation in your daily living and your eternal future. Under that real grass is the Solid Rock of Christ and a firm foundation. You are a free soul to choose where you stand or sit ...... the fence, the artificial grass or the true, real grass by the living water that provides THE ONLY WAY to a fulfilled soul now and forever.

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