Wednesday, January 20, 2016



"Start The Clock: The Countdown Begins" 

One more year to go and he will finally be gone. It will, however, be 365 tortuous days For this TYRANT is far from through bringing us plenty of more malaise How we have managed to go through seven years of the arrogant, narcissistic monster is a testimony to our country's resiliency We have gone through oh so much living under this debilitating TYRANNY Lawlessness has been a staple of this most disgusting political regime From the first day this DEMAGOGUE took over its been a nightmarish dream He swore on a bible that he would faithfully preserve, protect and defend our beloved US Constitution In fact it was a bold faced lie.

 It was his intention all along to see its dissolution For nearly two Presidential terms he has overreached his Executive authority. He has ruled by fiat and has made and changed law at will rendering our Congress totally useless This is a TYRANT like no other. His reign has been marred by scandal. He is a CRETIN who deals in nasty business We are less better off today in many ways than he first assumed the Presidency in 2009 Every decent and good worthwhile thing our America has stood for he takes every opportunity to malign He has kept his one promise to be a transformative President. We see that he has politically transformed our America This TYRANT has boldly so poisoned our country with a most radical agenda To get his way he will not refrain from demagoguing from coast to coast. We see him set up so many 'straw men' This is the way of a committed DEMAGOGUE to blame others time and time again Under his tyrannical rule we see our liberties decrease incrementally. 

The consent of the governed is no more We so despised his ramming the of Obamacare down our throats. An increasing majority so detest this law He touts the shrinking unemployment number. It's misleading for the labor force is at its lowest in over forty years If you dare to take issue with this TYRANT it is not beneath him to indulge in smears But it is the stoking of class warfare and race relations that we see this CRETIN at his most reprehensible There is such a racial divide that he so loves to inflame. It is truly so contemptible It is this heinous 'divide and conquer' strategy that he dutifully employs. It is so transparent and obvious to see He is immersed in the theology of RULES FOR RADICALS put forth by that despicable Far Left zealot, Saul Alinsky Illegal immigrants run free and wild in our beloved America.

 His Executive Action on immigration has been a scourge and a curse The House that is controlled by the Republican could have done much to stop this DESPOT for they have the power of the purse His State Of The Union Speech proved once and for all how delusional and so full of himself this TYRANT can actually be The America that he described does not square at all with reality This may come as a shock to this monster but he has failed miserably in his role as Commander in Chief While he patted himself in the back during the speech ten of our brave servicemen were held by Iran. 

It caused all of us so much grief He has made us less safe. ISIS continues to perform atrocities. We are at war with RADICAL ISLAM but this DESPOT refuses to call them rightfully by name His appeasement knows no bounds. His deal with Iran reeks of total shame Seven years of this TYRANNY that's been unleashed has certainly worn us down.

 It has taken its toll Our Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves wondering how we let ourselves be ruled by an evil soul My fellow patriots, we must not let our guard down. There is one year left in this TYRANT's regime. We do not know how much more trouble we will be in Let us pay attention to the clock. It has started. Let the countdown begin!!

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