Sunday, December 20, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Sold Down The River" Or "Aren't You Glad You Voted Republican??"


"Sold Down The River" Or "Aren't You Glad You Voted Republican??" 

 Paulie Ryan completely showed no remorse after his OMNIBUS Bill was passed. He was pleased. The ovation he received was still ringing in his ears But in the land of the RIGHT there was much anger amongst many, many tears This treacherous, bearded weasel gave everything away. Nancy Pelosi was giddy with utter delight Her caucus cheered her for what she accomplished. She had Paulie by the balls. 

 She had held them oh so tight Nothing really changed since the Speakership was given to Ryan. You could make the case that things are far worse The GOP has a solid majority in the HOUSE. They were elected to stop Obama. They could have but they won't use the power of the purse Word has it that Paulie promised things would be different in the House next year. They would do away with Obamacare. Have we not heard this before?? 

Empty promises come easy to this cowardly GOP. It so riles up the base more and more It's a good thing Paulie has a fence surrounding his mansion. It sure can keep all of the undesirables at bay This hypocritical rodent has his personal fence but what about our country's fence? Paulie says it ain't happening. NO Way! Paulie is deserving of endless abuse for what he will put us through. 

I will not relent from hammering this detestable creep He is a lying, no good bastard. I knew that long before he was picked by Mitt as his veep Did you happen to hear what 'Turkey Neck' McConnel was reported to have said? He boasted how proud he was of what the GOP had accomplished?? 

What the F***? Does he think that we're all brain dead? These are two leaders who got where they are because we, their base, gave them big victories They just prove to us again that their like Obama and the Democrats. Just nothing but out and out sleaze

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