Sunday, December 20, 2015



 "The Blue Eyed, Bearded Backstabber"

 He has been called various names. A WONK he's been called most of all Some say he is extremely bright. The smartest kid on the block When Boehner resigned the Speakership to Paulie Ryan they all did flock Most of the detestable scum in Congress pushed him to take Boehner's place When vermin like Luis Guittierz praises him profusely you know Paulie would be a disgrace It didn't take long to prove what we all knew Paulie Ryan to be He turned out to be a backstabbing SOB and I'm sure you will not disagree Hell hath no fury than a GOP voter who is once again totally betrayed.

 This OMNIBUS Bill has turned out to be the final blow To a Donald Trump we will run to. See his poll numbers just grow and grow This Republican Party has turned out to contemptible. No. Check that. They are truly reprehensible The Political Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan has turned out to be the Party of BETRAYAL Now Paulie hits the talk show depending the indefensible. This monstrosity that he helped to pass Listening to this worthless piece of human dreck making excuses shows that he's a horses's ass In a divided government each side can't get their way. This is what we hear Paulie say I'm sorry, you blithering idiot. 

It seems that Barack Obama ALWAYS gets his way So on and on it goes. The betrayals just seem to be never ending. They treats us like idiots. It's so damn obvious to see Will someone, anyone do what is needed?? Start up a third party. We are thoroughly disgusted with this GOP!!!

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