Sunday, November 15, 2015

‘We Must Organize’:

‘The Time Has Come for Boycotts’

Glenn Beck said Friday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program that “the time has come for boycotts” and that “we must organize” on the conservative right.

Beck’s comments came during a discussion regarding his belief that the progressive left controls the media through universities and his call for conservative voices — like Rush Limbaugh — in colleges.

“You have one professor who is saying, ‘Hey, forget about the First Amendment. I need thugs here. I need muscle.’ That’s fine,” Beck said, referring to a Mizzou professor’s comments at a protest earlier this week. “But you can’t have somebody like Rush Limbaugh stand up and say, ‘Let me teach you about the First Amendment.’ That’s too controversial.”

According the Beck, the conservative right is “going to lose” unless it reaches people through their finances or emotion, because the intellectual argument is not working.

“Where the intellectuals are, we’re not allowed to even go,” Beck said. “So you’re not winning in the university, either. How do you win? … You have to hit them in the wallet, and you have to hit them in the heart.”

Beck insisted the only way to make progress is through boycotting.

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