Sunday, November 22, 2015


"Time For An Exit" 

 Ted Cruz catches up to Ben Carson in Iowa. It's time for the good doctor to bow out. Ben, I think it's time that you should go Foreign policy and national security is becoming the national issue. Your gravitas is surely lacking I want you to know Your soft spoken ways have been very soothing. 

At times it puts most of us to sleep We need someone a lot more tougher to lead us. In 'you know what' we are so very deep It's been a very good run for you. You have represented yourself oh so well But we can't see you as a Commander in Chief to deal with all this hell By the way we loved the way you took on the media. 

You stood your ground and you called them for what they are Kudos to you, Ben, you have impressed us and in life you came pretty far I'm sure you will serve in a Trump/Cruz Administration and can be very instrumental In my mind you would make a most interesting Surgeon General I feel bad about pushing Ben out the door. He really has some fine traits But I think it's past time to winnow down these GOP candidates

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