Sunday, November 22, 2015



 "And So It Continues!" 

 POLITICO came out with a hit piece on the DON. They're trying to rough him up as best they can. Nothing new here. Up to now they have done it unsuccessfully The dreaded 'D' word they are accusing him of. That is something that Obama has perfected to an art.

 It's called DEMAGOGUERY They're claiming he's playing into his populist appeal with his straight talk on this whole Muslim thing. What else would you expect? The DON is a person who is a 'straight shooter', completely unfiltered and that resonates with voters. He commands much respect The Establishment is no doubt pushing this narrative. 

They will try everything to get the DON out of this race Trump points an accusatory finger at the media. It works because everyone knows they have the press has an agenda. It is obvious what's taking place Trump's appeal is genuine. Not since Ronald Reagan have seen anyone made of pure Teflon It's political correctness that he skewers and for that alone the people are drawn to him. 

The media hates him for it. They detest the DON! It amuses me so that for seven years we've had Obama divide this country in ways that are truly obscene with the media being ever so compliant We welcome the candidacy of a Donald Trump. We finally have someone speaking for us and who will not remain silent Trump's candidacy is simple to explain. It is easy to see why it has grown After seven years of what we can rightly call Obama's reign of demagoguery the seeds of voter discontent has surely been sown

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