Friday, November 20, 2015



"Another Bloody Friday" 

Three weeks in November of Islamic terror. These savages act horrifically Not to be outdone by ISSIS we now have Al Qaeda striking in Mali Last Friday Obama boasted that ISIS had been contained and we know that was not exactly true Today Kerry made the inane comment that Al Qaeda was neutralized and we now know what did ensue Another Friday. Another day of bloodshed. The world is gripped with fear The depth and scope of it is breathtaking. 

These terrorist mean business. They have made this abundantly clear The Islamists bloody war against the West is coming to our homeland. A majority of people are convinced of it. A feeling of doom is pervasive Obama insists we have the right strategy but he is far from persuasive "It's best that we don't shoot first and aim later" we heard him say earlier this week. That comment gave us little sense of relief He continues to sound more like a eggheaded professor and less like a Commander in Chief Our country is clamoring for a President that reassures us that we will degrade and defeat ISIS. Didn't he promise that fourteen months ago? 

Does he ever tell us the truth?? A silly question to ask. It can be easily answered with a resounding NO!! These barbarians have video taped four messages warning us that we will soon be under attack What we have witnessed in France and Mali and what we've heard from Obama makes us wonder if he has our back Our President acts like Neville Chamberlain.
 Any kind of appeasement is certainly the last thing that we need Why is it so difficult for this man to show some balls and actually lead? The world is slowly succumbing to fear as they wait to see where the next attack will be Our allies know that America is reluctant to lead the fight. This is something they do not want to see Obama's foreign policy blunders have created mayhem, disorder, a real world crisis His Legacy will be the rise of ISLAMIC TERORISM led by ISIS

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