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Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series #3 Exposing the enemy:#27 ,Betraying the Seminaries

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #3

 Exposing the enemy:

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#27 Betraying the Seminaries:
 Citizens Commission for Human Rights:

By 1968 the Sensitivity Training Programs had spread across the globe. Psychology’s silent insurrection against religion included turning Seminaries into humanistic laboratories. One of the most obvious examples was that of the Fuller Seminary in 1950.

The Fuller Theological Seminary in California changed its pastoral theological curriculum to include a course titled: “Pastoral Counseling.” The course description included physical illness, symptoms of nervous and mental needs, balanced and unbalanced personalities, findings of contemporary psychiatry and their evaluations in terms of evangelical christianity.

The influence of psychology and psychiatry inspired a school of psychology and in 1964 Fuller opened it’s Pasadena Community Counseling Center. Spawning this on was Lilly Endowment Inc., a foundation owned by Eli Lilly and Company, (ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST MANUFACTURES OF PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS!) BY A GRANT OF $125,000 subsidized by students attending the new school for the 1965-66 school year!

Since then Lilly has transmitted grants to similar religious factions with the seemingly benevolent purpose of assisting students through these types of educational programs. Between 1990 and the first two quarters of 1996, Lilly had channeled more than a hundred million dollars into psychological religious programs and research and in 1996 was funding broad religious educational programs for TV after having previously referred to protestant denominational governance as dysfunctional. 

In 1972 Fuller had the approval of the American Psychological Association (APA) to conduct a doctoral program in clinical psychology (PHD). The psychological program mushroomed and in 1987 the “marriage and family: program was transferred from the School of Theology to the School of Psychology. Fuller’s 1996 curriculum still contains courses in “conflict resolutions” and references Kurt Lewin's book resolving social conflict, “Selected Papers in Group Dynamics” and Ronald Lippi's “Dynamics of Planned Change.” These are comparative studies of principles and techniques. 

 (to be continued) ....

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(To be continued )
Global Strong Cities Cold War series 3 Exposing the enemy:

29) Harmful Results Revealed:
30) Legislating Immorality:

To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold War,series #3 Exposing the Enemy:

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