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Did you vote for Donal Trump? Did you elect a President who promised to do what you have requested? It doesn’t count because Media Matters doesn’t want him. Media Matters’ leader as they several times confess here, is Hillary Clinton and nothing else matters. Isn’t it interesting that her campaign manager was John Podesta and her media campaign manager is David Brock? One of the closest persons to Podesta?


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For fifteen months since Nov 8, 2016, until now, we didn’t have a single day without a knife in our hearts and several more on our backs. We have been hammered, and continuously harassed and attacked.
Soon after the election, the Russian witch hunt started. Mainstream media didn’t waste a second to imply Alinsky’s rules on President and his Conservative supporters. Ridicule, bash, smear and rip the President of The United States, his candidates became the media. The fake dossier, The Washington Post allegations,  the surveillance scandal and now the porn star consumed our time and energy. 95 percent of the coverage of the entire media first on President-Elect and then on a sitting President was negative, progressive and arrogant. Even the ex-President, his wife, his vice president Joe Biden, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI director James Comey, National Security adviser Susan Rice, former CIA directors James Clapper and John Brennan, house minority leader Chuck Schumer and … never lost a chance to smear not only the President, his entire administration and some of them also attacked his family.
Meanwhile, the President was, just winning and winning.

Trump is a genius. Anybody else would have been smashed under the wheels of this bulldozer of destruction.
We very well knew that the globalist, the deep state cabal is now acting gloves off. They cannot afford to lose the power and pass it to a completely out of the circle entity who may reveal their past crimes. At the same time, as the cabal has been ruling this country and the world for more than half a century, they could not even believe that the election can have an unexpected result. Something slipped off their hands. So they needed a plan.
The plan was removing Trump from the office either through impeachment, assassination or if not possible, by defeating him in 2020 election.
In this leaked document, Media Matters confesses that it is ruling the entire media and this confession proves that the media is not independent and has been forced even to refuse to allow the President of the United States calling on their TV shows. Can you imagine the gravity of this confession?
As “intent” is the foundation of a response. if we want to investigate on how this “attack team” is shaped, we need to focus on Who and How. If not, we will look like a bunch of electricians having the tools for the job but not recognizing where is the damage coming from. What you are reading below is shocking. The entire attack on the President, his administration, his family, the Russia witch hunt, the fake dossier, the pornstar story, the aggressively negative coverage of Trump by media, the Judges rulling against his orders, the resignation of his closest advisers, the army of trolls under his twitter posts, the twitter purge, the censorship and new wave of algorithm recognition in attacking conservative accounts and sites, the facebook fact-check, the smearing campaigns to fight Judge Napolitano, Judge Roy Moore, Steven Bannon’s exit, attack on NRA, the media coverage of Gun Control and David Hogg, are ALL directed by one organization and that is Media Matters.
Media matters founded in 2004 and funded by Soros, belongs to David Brock, the ex-boyfriend of James Alefantis; AKA Jimmy Comet, the famous star of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. He has a close relationship with the Rothschilds and is an A-list fixed party guest on the list of all names involved in the HRC ’email-scandal. Media Matters is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization which is violating the nonprofit code of conduct.

David Brock next to Lynn de Rothschild on the Instagram page of Jimmy Comet

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Lynn de Rothschild with Clintons

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This leaked document which has been issued after the election 2016 and before President Trump takes the Oval Office, reveals the slightest details on how Media Matters has organized these attacks. We have never faced such organized dramatic response and psychopathic efforts coming from media on a President. Their deleterious “attack project” has three main tasks, each delivered to different sub-organizations named: American Bridge, Crew, and Shareblue.
Media Matters is responsible for the big purge and censorship we are facing now on the world-wide scale through Google, Facebook, Twitter, and search engine algorithms. It has all these companies under command. Moreover, Media Matters rules the media. Sends them direct messages through their phones and instruments on real-time events. If they comply, then they are allowed to continue their routine life. If they don’t comply, they will be threatened, personally mocked and they will no doubt lose their jobs and positions, they will lose their advertisers and investors. The consequences of not executing what Media Matters and its sub-organizations is beyond imagination. CNN, MSNBC, and other news outlets who are giant industry leaders take orders and behave exactly as requested by Media Matters which demonstrates the gravity of this Mafia-style influence of Media Matters. Remember all movies you have watched regarding the Mafia and replace the situation and characters with a modern era and electronic warfare, but the performance is exactly the same. You don’t bow; you will be ruined and buried.
The Crew Organization is responsible for lawsuits, made-up stories about conflicts of interest, Russian witch hunt coverage, scandalous stories while Shareblue is the department of registered videos, messages, interviews, backgrounds and leaked phone calls. When a candidate is dangerous to Media Matters, Shareblue has either find dirt or create it if there is none. The time that the candidate can prove the allegations to be false, the campaign has ended, the people’s trust has already been damned, and the candidate is forgotten. The candidate will lose.
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Seth Rich, Wikileaks, #PizzaGate, Hillary#ClintonBodyCount, Flynns, Russian Hacking, etc.

Seth Rich, Wikileaks, #PizzaGate, Hillary #ClintonBodyCount, Flynns, Russian Hacking, etc.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)


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