Monday, July 17, 2017

Trump's FBI Appointee Just Gave The DNC Horrific News. They're Going Down.

Christopher Wray, a former Justice Department official now working as a private attorney, is President Donald Trump’s pick to replace ousted FBI Director James Comey, Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

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It’s safe to say that whatever Americans want, the DNC wants the opposite. Thankfully, Trump’s FBI Director appointee is more aligned with what we want.

When asked by Senator Graham (R-SC), if he was willing to look into allegations of Ukraine and the DNC attempting to impede President Trump’s election campaign,Christopher Wray said he would be, “happy to dig into it” (via The Washington Examiner).

This was during Wray’s confirmation hearing held before the Senate. During his questioning, Senator Graham read from a news story Politico ran about the potential impediment.

The Left-leaning publication ran the story back in January. They alleged that the DNC made a connection with the Ukrainian government through Alexandra Chalupa.

For her part, Chalupa has admitted that she “occasionally” shared her information with the Clinton campaign, along with DNC officials (via CNN).

Of course, the DNC has denied that it committed any illegal act. Chalupa was a DNC operative, who was responsible for some outreach in the Ukrainian community.

Sources argue that Chalupa told the DNC that the Ukrainian government was willing to share intelligence about Trump, then the two began coordinating further research on then-candidate Trump.

DNC research director, Lauren Dillon, says she has had zero contact with foreign governments, and that the allegations are untrue.

Did you notice her slippery way of stating that? Obviously, no one at the DNC had to have direct contact with Ukraine for these allegations to be accurate. She may not have been involved at all.

Chalupa, and possibly other operatives, were capable of delivering any message from Ukraine themselves. I doubt such distance will be enough to mask the DNC’s activity for Christopher Wray. He’s been the assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division (via Business Insider).

Such criminal experience is likely one reason President Trump chose to nominate Wray. There are a lot of criminals that need to be tracked down in the Washington swamp.

The DNC officials can deny that they’ve done anything wrong, but they aren’t used to having an FBI and a Justice Department that look into their behavior. They knew that Director Comey (and Loretta Lynch of course) would cover for them, and it sounds like that made them sloppy.

Once Christopher Wray is confirmed as the FBI Director, it is only a matter of time before he gets enough evidence together to bring the whole DNC down.

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