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HUGE Victory For Trump As NATO Finally Ponies Up

HUGE Victory For Trump As NATO Finally Ponies Up

NATO allies – excluding the US – will increase defence spending by 4.3% in a victory for Donald Trump after he warned member states that they ‘must finally contribute their fair share’.
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America’s European allies and Canada are projected to spend around $12billion more on defence this year amid pressure from the US President.

Trump has repeatedly berated the allies for not doing more to share the defence burden and bluntly told them again at a leaders’ summit in Brussels last month that they could not count on Washington coming to their aid if they did not do their bit.

Alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said in Brussels today: ‘In 2017, we foresee an even greater annual real increase of 4.3 per cent. We are really shifting gears, the trend is up and we intend to keep it up.’

Trump’s comments in May caused consternation among many, notably Germany, but Stoltenberg said the president’s demands were understandable given the challenges the US-led alliance now faces.

‘I welcome the strong focus of Trump on spending and defence burden sharing,’ he said.

‘At the same time, I also underline that allies should invest more in defence not to please the United States but because it is in their own interest and they have made the commitment.’

Stoltenberg, a former Norwegian prime minister, recalled that the 28 allies had pledged at a 2014 summit in Wales to increase defence spending to the equivalent of two per cent of annual economic output within a decade.

That move, pushed by then president Barack Obama in response to the Ukraine crisis and a more aggressive Russia, had halted and reversed years of defence cuts, Stoltenberg said.

So far only five allies have met that benchmark – the US, Greece, Britain, Estonia and Poland. But Stoltenberg said Romania was set to join them this year, and Latvia and Lithuania in 2018.

In 2015, the allies turned the corner with an increase of 1.8 per cent overall, pushed that to 3.3 per cent in 2016 and now looked to go further again this year, he said.

In all, the three years represented an overall increase of $46 billion dollars, boosting NATO’s ability to face the Russian challenge in Europe and new threats such as ISIS-inspired jihadi terrorism across the Middle East and North Africa.

The United States accounts for about 70 per cent of combined NATO defence spending and Washington has pushed the allies for years to do more to ease the burden.

Trump, however, has pressed hardest of all, putting the allies on the back foot by dubbing NATO ‘obsolete’ and questioning the wisdom of the US security commitment if they failed to live up to their side of the bargain.

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President Trump not only finds wrongs that need fixing, he actually does fix them. Who knew before he identified this problem, that other members of NATO weren't paying their fair share, and amounts they had committed to. You have to love a President that stands up in front of the world and isn't afraid to tell them publicly what the problem is, and that they have to fix the problem. We no longer have a weak President leading America. Thank God!!!

Awesome! We now have a Prez that says what he means and these other countries tried to push us to pay for everything but with Trump it didn't work..

Sometimes I have to ask myself just WHERE were many people who post comments here received their education. Bad math, ignorance regarding the fact where even the US is "up to their ears in debt" thanks to super idiot BHO. Speaking of that miserable excuse for a president why is it that HE did not have the two things required in order to have NATO countries pony up and pay their fair share.....BALLS! Actual brain matter would have helped immensely..."smartest man in the world'' puckey!

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