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A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:07/12/17 Here's my thought for today,SPECIAL EDITION -FACEBOOK WARS...

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving 

Good morning my friends 
Americans patriot constitutionalist 
 Here's my thought for today 

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Hello my Christian constitutional American patriots.
Good morning friends and fellow Americans and patriots,

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Communist Party is now in control of Facebook along with Soros and his Fact checking people . One has to assume that
Mark Zuckerberg is a communist

Is it because Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, prefer communism radical Islam, and tyranny and slavery, over freedoms and liberty !
Very Un -American 
People on facebook need to band together and bring suit against the  Mark Zuckerberg and facebook.

Below are past Diary thoughts of Bill

Has Social Media Killed Free Speech? Or Has Facebook...

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Facebook is systematically deliberately discriminated against my right And you're rights of free speech !

Yesterday was the birthday of the founding of our nation, and yesterday when I was trying to post I realized something that is extremely dangerous going on in America !
When any one person or corporation can violate any of your constitutional rights, Any Of Them, they can Violate All Of Them, as I tried to share some post yesterday on Facebook I don't think any of them went through ! .

Facebook is systematically deliberately discriminated against my right And you're rights of free speech !

You see they do not believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, they don't believe that the people should have rights and freedoms, they don't believe this!!! they believe in a king's rule of law, a monarchy some perverse version of Politics A, theft of power of the people! .

Here in the United States of America, as I watched and celebrated the Fourth of July, I realize that our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Declaration of Independence, is an extension of our spiritual beliefs, it's part of a free people's religion !.

As I watch some of the shows on the Constitution of the United States of America I could not help but wonder if Samuel Adams, was not related to another Adam, Adam and Eve !.

His ambition and courage had to be God sent, for him to find and to be connected to some of the greatest and most intellectual men in the world at that time,this could not be by accident, God sent him and connected him with, the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and John Hancock.

Their destiny to meet one another was not by accident, it was by design ! A just God arranged their meeting , to form a better union of men, to create a just nation of freemen, who knew the value of being free, and knew that there was no price that they were not willing to pay for this freedom!.

So as I tried to share my post and thoughts yesterday about the Fourth of July, I realize that my First Amendment rights have been taken away, by Facebook Inc.!

I also realized that there is no one in government fighting to defend and to restore constitutional government back into our society and our nation, they have eroded away our freedoms and our religion, so that they can line their pockets with our blood and sacrifices.

Most people you talk to will say that there's two political parties in America I don't believe that to be true, there are three political parties at least in America, one political party manipulates both of the other political parties for the sole purpose of stealing the freedoms of the American people.

They infiltrated the Democratic Party first, and now have some of their agents in the Republican Party, but the political party that is in control is out of sight, no one can see it! but we know it's there, These agents that were placed There by the crown, to retake America not with guns and bullets, but with the manipulation of our laws and regulations to enslave us once again!.

The war for freedom in America did not start in America, it starts all over the world in small little pockets, but the kings suppress it to keep it from growing into a country like America, so that the kings do not lose their control of Their property the people, what makes America special is that it was the only nation in the world , created to ensure with liberty and justice for all, but we no longer have this !.

When anyone, any corporation, can take any one of your rights away, they can take all of your rights away !!!.

I believe All my post are being blocked, so if you see this please send me a response, I like or a share.

Your brother in spirit and arms, Bill Sharpe.


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I would like to know how many of you us have been blocked by Facebook for posting something that they claim violates their community standards, not that they may even tell you what you're being block for ?

And what community standards ? The standards for American patriots constitutionalist conservatives Christians ? Because apparently the standard for these individuals and these groups is much higher than it is for other groups with their political opinions and observations !

It seems like the community standards Facebook has are different for different communities, for example if your perverse, a pedophile, a liar and thief, a murderer a member of organized crime a terrorist or a communist, Facebook goes out of their way to protect your rights, by blocking the sharing of news and opinion of how dangerous these groups are to law-abiding SANE individuals !!!.

But on the other hand if you're an American citizen, a patriot, a constitutionalist, or a Christian, Facebook goes out of their way to stifle and stop your voice, so Facebook and all of those in Facebook security, and administration , what are community standards for everyone, because apparently your community standards, are in violation of some individuals liberties and freedoms, while on the other hand some groups have no limit on their liberties and freedoms !

Is it because Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, prefer communism radical Islam, and tyranny and slavery, over freedoms and liberty !!!.

If you been blocked by Facebook, for some community standard that they do not apply equally and fairly across the board,Or they have not even explain to you what community standards you violated. Please share this in protest, this is a challenge to everyone that has been blocked unjustified by THE Facebook political machine supporting communism and radical Islam !!!

Bill Sharpe.


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This is an open letter to all the administrators and moderators of all the political and patriot groups I belong to.

I have proof that the Communist Party is going to interfere in the next election, a matter of fact I became friends with the administrators and the creators of different groups knowing that this was going to happen, so that I could write this letter to you and to prove to you through your own observations that they are already interfering with the next election.

When I first started becoming politically active, and I start writing on Facebook, sharing my thoughts opinions and where I thought this battle for America was going, I realized that for the Communist Party and foreign governments to be successful in America take over, they had to control the narrative of social media.( Facebook)

You see they learned why they lost the last election, the people were talking conversing sharing thoughts and observations of what was taking place in America, sharing your anger about what was taking place and why nothing was being done.

This is what molded America from the very beginning people talking and getting along and conversing finding better ideas to solve problems, and to remove those who are the troublemakers and the criminals from our society.

I wrote an article to my friend Richard Miller quite some time ago, who by the way is no longer on Facebook ? And I wrote and shared an article with him about what the next step would be by the Communist Party, and that was to shut down social media, or to control the narrative on social media so that the people cannot communicate anymore one the one, a violation of our First Amendment in our constitutional rights !!! I could pretty much say I told you so Richard.

The reason I'm writing this to the administrators and moderators of all the the groups that I belong to is because of this observation, when I first start writing comments and opinions of what was taking place in our country, and the strategies that the Communists were using to overthrow our nation, I would get so many responses from Facebook it would shut my page down, I could not access or share to all the groups that I belong to because of the responses from the things that I wrote, I could not even respond to all the comments,

I would get 1000 responses at least from some of the things that I wrote, most of them positive, I noticed that there were a few political operatives trying to discredit what I wrote, but I know that they were doing this because I knew their plans and I was exposing them, and by their comments they exposed themselves as political operatives.

But you the creators of your groups and the moderators of those groups must noticed by now that the numbers in your groups have fallen, the amount of responses from your articles written have fallen, and this is not by accident this is the meddling by a group trying to control the political narrative of the people of the United States of America, the People's nation, of the people and by the people.

This is your evidence to look at your own exposure of your groups and the responses from the people who belong to it, and the number of individuals who have been removed from the group, or how many people can actually see your group, this is the proof that a foreign government a communist government, working in collusion with the Democratic fascist Communist Party, the American Bar Association are trying to control the political narrative of the United States of America, and to reestablish communism and fascism, and to reinstall king's rule of law over America.

What are your observations of this ???

Bill Sharpe.


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I was kicked off removed from Facebook today because I shared this post of people being murdered, that was sent to me from another source.

Apparently Facebook Inc., Or Facebook incorporation is working in collusion with the murderers to conceal the truth, and that's why they blocked me from Facebook.

The only groups or people that I shared this with are people who are interested in reading my posts, or the posts that I share, I was not forcing anybody to watch this video that I posted, but it apparently proves collusion between Facebook Corporation and Isis, and their cooperation in protecting the Muslim brotherhood !, again I posted a video showing the murder of Christians by Muslims, so Facebook took it upon itself to penalize me for showing this murder on My Facebook page, And to groups that I affiliate with, so apparently Facebook is working in ( Collusion with Islam and the Muslim brotherhood ), and is covering up this evidence of this murder to protect Them !, this is beyond censorship, this is covering up murders and Evidence of murder !!!, Why would Facebook do this if they were not involved ???.

Before and during the second world war, there were many American companies supporting Nazi Germany, one of them was Reynolds aluminum, but there were many others, today Facebook is assisting a war against America, and the people of America!!!

If I can reach any of my friends on Facebook please post this to my Facebook page and share, thank you your brother in arms Bill Sharpe.


Setting a president of law

I have had a thought and I want you to think about this, I went to the post office to mail a letter, and the clerk at the post office told me that she would not take my letter or let me mail it, she said it may have offensive material and it, that maybe be offensive to someone else.

I went to my local newspaper and I said I like to post this letter in the paper today, how much would it cost ? And the clerk at the newspaper office said we find your letter offensive, and/or we do not like it so were not going to post your letter !.

So I picked up my phone and I tried to call an attorney or a politician for help, and the phone company contacted me and stopped my phone call, and said we find your use of our device offensive, and were turning off your device because we do not want you do say offensive things !.

Now all of these venues, and statements I just wrote are not necessarily true, but if one corporation or company can violate your freedom of speech, then what is to stop all of these companies corporations and organizations from violating your freedom of speech ?.

I am writing this today because Facebook is doing just that, and they are setting a president in law by doing this, and if we the people do not stop and challenge Facebook all of these other organizations, and a multitude of other organizations will do the same thing !.

Facebook is trying to make people believe, that if you share a post, or video on Facebook, that you can actually force someone to watch it or read it, that is what they are basically saying when they block one of us or anyone on Facebook, that if you write a post, or you share a video, you have the power to force someone to read it to watch it !

Which is not true is it my friends, it is not true for a multitude of reasons, because Facebook limits who can see post, and how many you can share.

I believe the Facebook security has hired fascists communist anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-constitutionalist, to control the narrative and free speech of many of our patriot groups on Facebook, and they are doing this to manipulate the next election, why isn't anybody Talking about Facebook interference in America's election process !!!.

If a baker can be sued for not baking someone they find offensive a product, why is it that Facebook cannot be sued ???.

The Constitution of the United States are not suggestions, they are our laws, it is WE the people, not ME the people !!!.

Your friend and brother constitutionalist in arms Bill Sharpe.


Hello to my constitutional patriot American friends, I think a lot of the problems were having with Facebook and censorship, is the fact that Facebook hires illegal aliens, to work as Facebook security agents, deliberately trained to suppress free speech of constitutionalist and patriots ! And this is why so many of our patriot brothers and constitutionalist friends are continuously harassed and bullied by Facebook Myself included !!!.

They deliberately hire individuals with the demeanor to discriminate against American citizens in our own country, and that's why these social media organization particularly go out of their way to hire these individuals, that then post deliberate videos on patriots websites to get them to share them, to allegedly give them a reason to block and harassed patriots and constitutionalist, the legal term for this is entrapment!!!.

When we write a post, or we share a video, there is no way for anyone! who does this, to force any person on Facebook, twitter or any blog, to view or watch anything ! It is a personal decision, And no one is guaranteed the right in America not to be insulted Or offended !!!, IT Is not written into our Constitution, and the Constitution is the supreme laws of the land !, if one company or one Corporation can violate the constitutional rights of one American citizen, every company and corporation can violate the rights of every American citizen in America !, and if there was an attorney or law firm, that was not restricted by( Organized crime ) the American Bar Association there would have been already a class-action lawsuit filed !!!.

By-Bill Sharpe


Marg Be they are blocking articles saying they are spam and do not meet community standards

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