Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Letter to Our Readers....

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Dear Patriots,

There's a moment of twilight on every Fourth of July, somewhere between the second burger and 3rd beer, when the cool uncle breaks out the sparklers and the soundtrack for the whole world could be sung by Lee Greenwood forever.

In that moment, it can seem as if every prosperity and blessing could never be lost, and every freedom we enjoy was inevitable and eternal. It can seem as if all the blood and ink spilled over nearly two and a half centuries to preserve our way of life could have only led to this time and place, that history called us to this moment because it could not have turned out any other way.

But a minuteman, woken in the dead of night to take up arms against an empire, had no such assurance.

A delegate, trying best to keep his hand from shaking while signing his own death warrant calling his King a Tyrant, knew nothing of the future.

A rebellion, sparked against taxation but waged bitterly for the right to self determination, could not imagine conceiving a republic which would span the continent.

But duty called, the dice were rolled, and the day was won.

America's freedoms are no more assured now than they were then. And her minutemen and sentinels must every day choose to fight for an uncertain future, as their forbears did so many years ago--not knowing what may happen, but knowing that it is the right thing to do.

And then, if our efforts align with providence, our children's children may one day see a twilight in July, when all the world will once more make the whole thing look too easy.

Thank you for taking up the fight, for every generation, as long as our land endures.

Happy Independence Day,

Sincerely Yours 
Richard D.Miller

Hi Patriots,

yes the founding fathers left a lot more than just the Constitution, they left the ideology and philosophy of what Christianity believes government should look like, a government buy and for the people, not by a king.

Our founding fathers planted the seed of the free thought, and with free thought and the belief in God there are no limits to one's mind !. That's why some of the greatest technologies and ideas have come from United States of America, because people were allowed to think freely, and to believe not only in God but in themselves, the founding fathers were the most intellectual people of their times, and their intellect and technologies and writings still exist today because of their philosophies and ideologies and beliefs.

 We are now the farmers of freedoms and liberty, it's now up to us to replant those seeds so that the future can harvest the greatest gift that God has bestowed upon man.

Bill Sharpe



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