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New Civil War Liberals Have Attacked 30 GOP Congressmen Since May Began,Attack of the Democrats and their deviant army of radicals.

new civil war

New Civil War Liberals Have Attacked 30 GOP Congressmen Since May Began

The American political left has been on the warpath for months, with the new radical leftist movement taking their vitriol to unprecedented levels in the age of Trump.

We’ve seen an unbelievable number of violent tirades and trespasses against our fairly elected President since the dust settling in November, and the latest batch of propaganda wafting our direction is downright disturbing. Kathy Griffin’s horrifically gruesome publicity stunt was seemingly just the tip of the iceberg, as Trump was assassinated night after night in New York City before James T. Hodgkinson got the leftist memo. Now, as violent radicals such as Hodgkinson are literally taking aim at American conservatives, it doesn’t take much to imagine what our New Civil War is going to look like.

In all, since the beginning of May merely 7 weeks ago, at least 30 members of the republican party have been assaulted, threatened, attacked, or harmed by radical leftists.

The following incidents have all occurred in the aftermath of the Hodgkinson incident, at a time in which the left has attempted to retrieve their attack dogs to no avail:

“June 17: Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner revealed that she had gotten five death threats in the weeks leading up to the Scalise shooting. Wagner said that protesters had been ‘vandalizing my home, showing up with masks and gravestones, and laying down on my driveway and drawing chalk outlines of dead bodies. Picketing my church at 8 and 10 o’clock Mass.’

“June 22: An Ohio man was arrested for leaving a voicemail threatening the life and family of Rep. Steve Stivers (Ohio).

“‘We’re coming to get every god****one of you and your families. Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter. Huh? Or your wife. Or even you,’ the man said.

“The same day, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz played a threatening voicemail he had received on ‘Fox & Friends.’

“‘I suggest you prepare for the battle motherf**ker, and the apocalypse,’ the caller yelled. ‘Because we are going to hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost.'”

This is the current incarnation of the “tolerant” left, ladies and gentlemen.

After the opening salvo of shots were fired by Hodgkinson in this New Civil War, being propagated by only the left, one would expect Americans as a whole to take a step back and reevaluate the faith that we put into our government. When the President succeeds, we all succeed; a fact that should have limited this call for violence from the get-go. Now, instead, we find ourselves at a crossroads as to how best to handle the democrats and their deviant army of radicals.






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The "Left," for a century or more has been working tirelessly to undermine and subvert our written constitution. It is beyond question that only valid amendments may change our written constitution. However, the Left has no patience for persuading others to draft let alone ratify such amendments. Instead they foster lawlessness, anger, hatred, and chaos all as means to their ends.

Without God there is no Morality. Without God we have no unalienable Rights. Yet the Left insists that God either does not exist or must be banned from the public sphere. Judicial decisions are not Law nor may they ever constitutionally remove God from the public sphere in our united States of America.

Christian conservatives, true patriots, must do all in our power to reverse the unconstitutional, and unconscionable, changes to our written constitution and to our culture and society. Those on "The Right," need to stay true to God and His Word, the Bible, and keep their speech civil and full of Love and Compassion, while calling for sound policies and the Rule of Valid Law.

I do not know what lay ahead for our constitutional republic or for our people. I know we Need to Restore God and His Word to our classrooms, our government buildings, our culture, and to the people inhabiting all of those. Jesus remains the "Way, the Truth, and the Life." Only He may Save our people and through them Save our constitutional republic.


As a Patriotic American and ex-military let the patriotic law abiding Americans come together to defend ourselves and the constitution we live by so aggressively, As we continue to work and provide for our families we should step up to defend our constitutional government from those anti-American species that are known as violent lefties and progressives, These people do not care that our constitution and our freedoms are what has made this country great and very uniquely multi-cultural. But we are not globalists, we came together as the home of the brave and land of the free not to be threatened by a radical group that threatens our very liberties, lives and our country. We do not need other cultures attempting to change our laws to fit their 6th century primitive unequal(women etc are second class citizens) and violent towards anyone that doesn't believe as they do. The problem over the years has been that a lot of progressives and dare i say the welfare and "elitist" have plenty of time on their hands to cause civil discourse. While the hard working middle class and working class of all colors spend their time raising families and working and do not have the time protest against the protester, these liberal progressive anti-American protesters claim that the right are violent, we are actually opposite what they think and the left think that the right is weak, well push the patriots too far and we will fight back. Enough is Enough from these pathetic childish progressive violence mongers whom if they do not get their own way destroy everyone and everything in the name of equality. While we pay for a large percentage of those that do not work or refuse to work, and we Americans of all classes pay dearly for the wealthy left including the actors and media in everything we use is priced higher because of the advertising dollars that go to celebrities raise the prices of everything the middle class consumes, as they get big paychecks for nothing more than acting we grow poorer because thier wages raise the prices of everything we consume, but our wages do not go up as celebrities whom get 500,000k+ for 1 week work on a tv show. Take a look at the wealthiest amongst us, not the scientists if lucky make 100k to create things, not even the small company owners whom scrape to get by, its the celebrities whom invent nothing but just entertain America and the large and a majority of these celebrities are the violent left progressives also. Think about it folks these are millionaires for doing nothing but acting a part and the other end are our children being brainwashed by liberal colleges and then there are those that get everything free who don't want to loose anything all this is off the backs of hardworking Americans. Sorry i got long winded but wanted to voice my partial opinion, and i'm, not violent just do not push us patriotic Americans in a corner and stop threatening to kill our president and the protectors of our constitution. These liberals and progressives might find one heck of a storm may come as they entered into violence against our president and our republicans. As an American I did not trust our previous president and did not like him, but celebrities, isis and the welfare class loved him, what does that tell you, but as an American i never thought ill of him and never threatened or thought of violence against the left for 8 yrs that he did destruction to our country.i guess that the diff between patriotic republicans and liberal progressive democrats. sorry but i got carried away, hope i made a little bit of sense!!


What the hell is wrong are these people all cowards the way I was raised they would get thier asses kicked in a hurry if they dont want to protect themselves there are people who will protect them it might cost a few bucks but it can be done quickly.These dems need to learn a real lesson.


Let me give all of you a "Cold hard fact", there comes a time when a person, or persons, are so dedicated to their "Belief", be it Religion or Politics, they are willing to kill as many as necessary to accomplish their objective, even to dying themselves. 
We've seen evidence of that with the Muslims, and "Most" of these "Democrat supporters" are as "Weak Minded" as the Muslims, or they would be speaking out against the violence and suggestions of violence.

There's a time for war and a time for peace, and we're entering into an era of "Fight or die", be it from Muslim or Democrat, regardless of where we want to admit to it or not,

and that is the "Cold hard Fact".

History has shown the only way to get through these "Era" of war is for the "Good people" to "KILL" more of the "Bad people" than they can "Kill" of them.

and that is another "Cold hard Fact". 

Just as America paid a heavy price for slavery in the Civil War, I think America is about to pay the "wages of sin" for these 55 plus million murders in these "Extermination buildings" called "Abortion Clinic".

People who so much as wish abortion supporters, "God speed", are considered by God to be "Partakers" with them in their "Evil", and that included all people who have voted for people that are abortion supporters.

America's "Evil" runs a lot deeper than just the Muslims and Democrats, 

and that's a "Cold hard Fact", few are willing to "Confess".

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