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Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution: #6 If the Foundations be Destroyed

Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution:
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 The Alinsky Model: by David Horowitz Freedom Center: PO Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499 --- (800)752 6562 --

Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution:

Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution:

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#6 If the Foundations be Destroyed :

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Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution: #6 If the Foundations be Destroyed : 

by David Horowitz
The demagog standard of the Revolution is “democracy”... a democracy which upends all social hierarchies, including those based on merit. This is why Alinsky built his initial power base among the underclass and the urban poor. The call to make the last ones first is a powerful religious imperative but in politics it functions as a lever to upset every structure and foundation! 

For Alinsky radicals politics are not important in themselves. They are instrumental means to expand the political base. To Alinsky radical “democracy” means getting those who are in, out! Their goal is to mobilize the oppressed as a battering ram to bring down the system. Hillary concludes her article about Alinsky with these words: “Alinsky is regarded by many as the proponent of a dangerous social, political philosophy. 

As such, he has been feared just as Walt Whitman or Martin Luther King has been feared. Each embraced the most radical of political faiths: ...”democracy!” But democracy, as understood by the American Founders, is not the most radical of all political faiths--- or if it is, they did regard it as dangerous enough to put checks and balances in its way to restrain it. 

When Hillary graduated from Wellesley in 1969 she was offered a job with Alinsky’s new training institute in Chicago. She opted instead to enroll at Yale Law School where she met her husband and future President Bill Clinton. In March 2007 the Washington Post reported that she had kept her connections even in the White House and gave Alinsky’s Army support.

As First Lady she occasionally lent her name to projects endorsed by the Industrial Areas foundation (IAF) ... The Alinsky group that had offered her a job in 1969. She raised money and attended two events organized by the Washington Interfaith Network, an IAF affiliate.

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(To be continued )

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