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POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY: 5/7/17-Barbra Streisand Ponders / People In The News

by Joe Esposito


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Did Bill Clinton Sleep With Barbra Streisand

"Barbra Streisand Ponders ‘What Might Have Been’ with Hillary Clinton"

Tears were flowing from the face of BABS as she thought of what could have been. She so wanted to see Hillary President while the many million of us want to see her in a Federal Prison. At a concert last night BABS spoke so highly of her Hillary and of course she found time to take on our President with more than a few caustic jabs. She is one of the original Far Left elitists, truly a slobbering Clinton loving verminous pig. There is nothing good or redeeming about BABS. We heard her hail Hillary as the clear winner in the popular vote but as we know that really counts for shit. How funny it was to see a corruptible, fat thighed pig being praised by an over the hill celebrity who is nothing more than aging half wit. Yes. BABS was in a very melancholy mood tinged with much sadness. The whole thing gave me such delight. It was absolutely hilarious. Hey, BABS, HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN and they will be for some time to come even though I'm sure you'll disagree. Weep a little more for there will never be a Hillary Presidency!!!


"People In The News"

This was the week that was in the House. A budget and a Healthcare repeal did pass. Credit was given to PAUL RYAN for getting this through. But I still say he's a horse's ass. I would say with a bit of certainty that would be the prevalent view.

How about that STEPHEN COLBERT? That is one disgusting dude. Incredulously he is still on the air. CBS is still standing by this piece of shit who was so thoroughly crude. His vile sentiments they no doubt share. Colbert is obviously a Bill Maher wannabe. Both are utterly beyond mean spirited and hateful and totally unfunny. Fines are sure to be coming fast and furious from the FCC.

NANCY PELOSI was dumbfounded by the passage of the repeal but what else would you'd think she be? Acting dumb is something Nancy seems to do pretty much every day or so it is said. You've got to realize that she has not a brain but sawdust which if you look closely can see dripping from the sides of her head.

CHUCK SCHUMER vows that the Healthcare replacement will die in the Senate. The only purpose that he serves is to make us laugh now that Joe Biden has left the public stage. After all Chuckie is a clown. Isn't he?? Will someone tell Schumer to get rid of the glasses that are at the tip of his nose. That is the area where something round, made of rubber and red should be.

It is up to MITCH MC CONNELL to get this Healthcare replacement finalized. Is 'Turkey Neck up to the task. Inquiring minds would like to know. I don't think it's too much for us to ask. We so hope that Mitch can make it so. It will not be an easy endeavor. Arms will have to be twisted and a deal or two will have to be made. The GOP base holds its collective breath. Will we once again somehow be betrayed??

The TYRANT is not too happy. After all his signature legislation is being decimated. It is being done bit by bit. From the day it was passed it's a law that millions of us hated. We are thoroughly happy that a sledgehammer is being applied to it.

DONALD TRUMP has had a very good week. How good?? It is a question that you might be asking. Methinks it's much more than you could ever have realized. The hate being spewed by his enemies has increased. Our DON is thoroughly despised. That is the barometer of his success. The more they hate means he is doing stellar. Yes. Our DON is very pleased. He is a most happy fella.

Apparently they have not learned their lesson from this election loss. In Congress they apparently are determined to stay in the minority. Need proof?? Their caucus leadership is still in the hands of that brainless twit, Nancy Pelosi. George Soros will still pull the strings more than ever. It is his bidding they will continue to do as they will further move Left and off a cliff they will surely go. It's a death wish they have and their radicalism will soon bury them. Mark my words. This will be so.

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