Saturday, May 13, 2017

Morris - Comey Firing Clears Way For Clinton Indictment, Roadblock Gone

Dick Morris – Comey Firing Clears The Way For Clinton Indictment, Obstructionist Gone

Dick Morris believes that the firing of James Comey as FBI Director clears the way “for a possible indictment of Hillary Clinton.” He reminds us that “At the time, while the campaign was going on, four separate US Attorneys launched investigations of this pay for play bribery scheme at the Clinton Foundation.”
He describes the scam, “Where Bill would go out and raise money and give speeches, get donations to the foundation, and then in return Hillary would provide access and favors to the donors in her capacity as Secretary of State and by implication, if she were elected president, the manna would be even thicker in flowing.”
“But their investigation was impeded,” says Morris, “by the Obama Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, in fact that’s likely what Lynch and Bill Clinton talked about on the tarmac during a stopover in Phoenix during the campaign in July. And Lynch refused to let the prosecutors convene grand juries, she refused to let them subpoena witnesses, she basically insisted that the investigation be slow-walked. And Comey, as head of the FBI, willingly and happily implemented those instructions.”
Morris says, “Now with Comey gone and Sessions, [Trump’s] Attorney General free…to appoint a strong head of the FBI, there’s every possibility that that investigation will now proceed. The Clinton foundation has basically closed down after Election Day. They sold it as a charitable institution like the Ford Foundation that would go on forever. Well the minute Hillary was no longer going to be president the money stopped flowing in, it closed its doors, most of the offices were shuttered, most of the staff was laid off, the head of the foundation, Donna Shalala, quit and it basically folded up shop.”
“But it’s record of bribery and pay for play remains,” says Morris, “and they remain, I believe, criminal acts that Bill and Hillary committed. So we may be seeing more of that in the future as this process unfolds and the impediment to that happening, which was Comey, is now relieved, released, gone, kicked out, fired.”




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