Friday, April 7, 2017

Why Is America So Partisan?

America’s political divisions have deeper social consequences

Why is America so partisan?

From reading the politics section of answers it seem to me that most are blindly following what they see as either the 'conservative', or 'liberal' view. 

What will usually happen is a republican will ask a question like 'why do liberals think that the war in Iraq is a rubbish idea' and you will just get answers like: 

'because liberals are crazed anti-Americans who want $10 an hour minimum wage and think its ok that hispanics can't talk english'
from the republicans and:
'why are you so ignorant, you're obviously in the army I can tell. Why dont you read a book instead of trying to inflame people and promote a backward way of thinking?'

Or from democrats you will get questions like:
'Why dont Americans care about people dying in Iraq'

and answers from republicans:
'you can make an omelette without breaking a few eggs'
or from democrats:
'because the media is run by Bush himself and Bush is the definition if pure evil.

Why dont people address the issues instead of promoting their party

I remember 30 years ago, when American students were taught to question, not just to believe in things just because someone said this is or that is true.

It amazes me how the American people now sit back and accept statements from its leaders as being gospel truth, because those leaders said so. 

For instance, George W Bush said not long ago, that his administration is not reality based and he meant this as a good thing to be! What? He is saying that if he believes the earth is flat, that is how he is going to run the US? No wonder the US went to war in Iraq. He believed there was a link between Iraq and Saddam and Al-Qaeda. Not that there was one. The reality was everyone in all the advisory bodies pointed out there were no WMD and there were no links to terrorism. But he still insisted the US attack Iraq, without actually going after Bin Laden.

I find it hard to believe that the US is going to continue as a world power at this rate.

Who elected these guys? The American People.

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