Monday, April 10, 2017

What's on my mind ?:04/10/17,TRUMP SUPPORTERS PAY ATTENTION.

What's on my mind?

by Rod Harris

 Alley Janeen Assad is just like his father before him. But let's put the blame where it really belongs. In the Spring of 2011, Obama started what he called Arab Spring. It was his concerted efforts to install the Muslim Brotherhood to Libya, Egypt and Syria. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State decided that Mohammar Qaddafi had too much gold, silver and oil. Her pal Sidney Blumenthal was after the gold and silver for Hillary, and the oil for Sidney Blumenthal's company. Ambassador Chris Stevens was sent to Benghazi to collect Mohammar Qaddafi's cache of weapons. 3 ships were loaded with weapons from Qaddafi. Obama had the Muslim Brotherhood rise up in Egypt to oust the PM of Egypt. Then the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt. Within less than a year, the new PM was ousted by the Egyptian people. The weapons belonging to Qaddafi was shipped to Syria by none other than Hillary Clinton. She was arming the terrorists to take out Assad and to install the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria too. But Assad stood in Obama and Clinton's way. Those two uncivilized subhuman creeps Obama and Hillary started all this mess. It's all about the $$$$$$! Follow the $$$.

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