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What's on my mind ?:04/01/17,"Social Legislation"

What's on my mind?
"Social Legislation"

by Pearl Leona Sturgis

Halleck's History Public School Book 1926 page 531 "Social Legislation" 

(I would call it the "Subtle Beginning of World Health Federation. PLS) Social legislation was enacted for "stay at home moms." We call such laws enacted for welfare of human beings, "social legislation."

Before 1900 most of the former laws had been passed to protect private property. An instance of such legislation is shown by a national law to protect the health of the makers of friction matches. Phosphorous used for the heads of the matches poisoned the flesh and bones of the workers. A few manufacturers said that the Constitution gives congress no right to interfere. 

The Constitution does allow the congress to tax businesses so they placed a two cents tax for every hundred match produced and that stopped the production. The 20th century has seen every state enact some law to give children a better chance: child labor laws; compulsory education laws; (transition of home schooling PLS) and laws establishing juvenile courts to prevent children from being treated like hardened criminals. 

These are some examples of "social legislation" by states for the welfare of the child. Most states have enacted some kind of "mother's pension law" which provides that a needy mother shall receive a pension sufficient to enable her to remain at home and rear her children. Many states have passed laws limiting the hours of women working to protect their health. A few states have provided that women's wages should be at least sufficient to maintain health. The human welfare laws and activities of the 20th century have already won a notable place in history: (for the federal welfare funding for health organizations PLS) (I quoted word for word from the US national Public School Book taught up to the 1950's. My opinion from today's evidence is in parenthesis and initialed.)

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