Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Muslim Entitlement Whores Protest Proposed Cutback In Welfare Benefits

Posted by Joe

Muslim welfare whores DEMAND U S Taxpayers Foot The Bill For This

These are the same people that are attending these Mosque that the FBI has identified are helping the Muslim brotherhood obtain weapons, cash and ammunition for when they wage WAR on Americans. BTW where are the women, when little girls are getting raped. I have heard the stories for years, where are the women and why are they not involved in prosecuting the refugee savages, I'm not looking for an answer, I'm wondering when city leaders are going to wake up, and if you listen to these Muslim women, they are not asking, their demanding, that everything stop to take care of their needs. We can not help our own people, and Democrats continue to favor these damn people, that shouldn't be in this country, according to a 1952 Immigration law, from people that were a Hell of a lot more for the people of America, we know why Democrats are kissing their asses, and it has nothing to do with humanity.

Joe Sanchez 

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