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History Is Repeating Itself : The Migration Crises In Europe To Bring Back Nazism And To Destroy Christendom

THIS IS HUGE AND IT IS TRUE. also ANTIFA is a Global Group. Soros-Obama are fueling and funding it. When the news yesterday came that Maine Le Pen was winning , ANFTI began to Riot in France. Soros and Obama were involved in the Asian Spring, the Arab Spring, and the taken down of the EU via the invasion cloaked as refugees. They were not refugees, at all , but hand picked muslim jihadists, men of fighting age. Many are ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and former fighters of the middle east proxy wars. They are our creation and they are very dangerous. The Calphate is planned and this is a Global Trojan horse that Trump is helping to stem the tide of here, at our shores. ANTIFA IS ANTI LIBERTY. THEY USE ALINSKY HANDBOOK and Rules for Radicals to ambush us at peaceful rallies, and they are gearing up for a bigger fight. See the FB Groups AMERICANS AGAINST ANTIFA for more information.

Germany And Turkey Are Creating The Migration Crises In Europe To Bring Back Nazism And To Destroy Christendom. In The End The Muslim Ottoman Empire Will Unite With Protestants To Butcher Catholics And Orthodox Christians

Turkey butchered millions in the early twentieth century. But so did Germany! And I am not speaking about the Jewish Holocaust, but what is sidelined in Holocaust memorials and Hollywood movies, the millions of Catholic Poles butchered at the hands of Germany. In this essay, history reveals what today escapes the naked eye. When people read today’s headlines, they get the sense that Germany is a victim of multiculturalism and terrorism. But history sheds a light revealing how Germany creates chaos to justify its own militaristic agenda.
Throughout World War I and World War II, the inner-workings of German strategists have always connived headlines that speak of ‘peace’ towards other nations when then and all of the sudden, Germany would carryout the complete reverse fulfilling what God has always warned about, that “when they say peace and security, sudden destruction commeth”. So if historically, Turkey and Germany have been united all throughout recent history, both being the main causer of havoc and destruction to the whole of Christendom, then Germany, the motherland that gave birth to Protestantism, was, is still, and will be, working with the most powerful of the Muslim countries, Turkey, to strike Christendom, once more. Enter an amazing research.

We say truth to the masses.
Tell them of the storm that is to come,
How the storm will be red,
How the storm will be carnage,
With the moon crimson,
Reflecting the blood
That will flood the earth

They will reproach you with rage,
And say, everything is alright,
Victory is near.

We are proud,
We are here,
We are we.

Pride begins as a thought,
And manifests into reality.
Signs of friendship,
Become swastikas.
Nationalism becomes death camps,
Duty turns into cruelty.

The common man will say, “Why?”
But the watchmen will look from a distance,
Laugh and say,
Behold, prediction becomes realty

I love to look at the forest, and I despise looking at a tree, meaning that while the masses scream about refugees, I like to look at the greater conspiracy, to see with all care, what machinations are being devised to destroy all of humanity.

The plan by Germany to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims, could be more about recruiting men into its military. One of the reasons why I suspect this is because the Germans have done this before, in the First World War. In the small German town of Wunsdorf, there is currently a refugee camp which houses about 637 people.

What is interesting is that in this same town of Wunsdorf, during the First World War, there was actually a refugee camp for Muslims. It was called the Halbmondlager (Half Moon Camp), and in it was built Germany’s first mosque. The plan behind the camp was to take these refugees and use them as soldiers against the British, the French and the Russians. The one behind the plan was Max von Oppenheim, a German diplomat and orientalist who loved Islam. He was also a propagandist who worked to rile up Muslims living in allied territory to attack the Entente (France, Great Britain, Russia and Italy). There is even a photo of him dressed as a Muslim:

Oppenheim once said:

“In the battle against England … Islam will become one of our most important weapons.”

When the Great War broke out, Oppenheim was commissioned by the German government to be responsible for the Foreign Office, managing German interests in the Middle East and the Islamic regions. After this, in August of 1914, Germany and Turkey signed the Ottoman-German pact as allies against the Entente. Germany’s reason for signing it was to use the Muslims to fight in a jihad against its enemies. The German General Chief of Staff, Helmuth von Moltke, desired that the Ottoman war minister, Enver Pasha, would weaken the Entente from within, that is, to stir the Muslims within Entente territory to revolt.

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