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What's on my mind ?:03/12/17,The Obama Legacy

What's on my mind?
The Obama Legacy

by  Posted Hannelore Morton & Shared

It's now apparent that the Obama Legacy is going to be defined by Corruption at the Highest Levels of Government. The rampant abuse of power by Operatives, Career Bureaucrats, Political Appointees, Cabinet Members and the President has had a cancerous effect on our Constitutional Republic and the lives of our Citizens.

Obama ran this nation into the ground like an Incompetent Fool with his Grandiose Manner and Ghetto Bully tactics.
And only now, after the fact are we seeing the full extent of his efforts.
If what I think will come to pass with the wiretapping allegation come to fruition, Obama and his merry men and women of Sedition with pay the ultimate price. Not only to be forgotten like a bad joke, but to be relegated to criminal investigations that alone will put Obama in his rightful historical place.
Obama has been an enormous mistake that fair minded voters, with good intentions, gave a chance. An unknown player of the political elite. Right sentiment, wrong person.
My question, is failure created by an African/American president any different than failure by any other leader?
Apparently the answer is ...YES!

Tip Toeing around Obama because of his race crippled the Media and the Public's ability to challenge his failures. A Lose, Lose situation for the nation.
Our system has no problem putting other politicians in jail for corruption. Why not anyone in the Obama Administration? It's called BULLY Politics. The same playbook used by
other minority leaders. When any and all criticism becomes Racism. This is a behavioral flaw etched into our minority communities.

Our differences will only disappear when everyone is treated equally regardless of which minority group one may belong. It has become a narrative within the left to join an appropriate group and expect special treatment.
No more is this illusion evident, as the new behavioral disorder that allows choosing your own gender identification. Have we all gone mad!
One of the key elements of human behavior is adaptability. This wonderful characteristic is embedded within our hard drive. It has allowed the human species to survive and flourish. The logical mind assumed these abilities could not be corrupted by abnormalities that would drive our norms, but it has.

I would like to think my fellow human beings are still striving to become better in every way. Falling for False Narratives, Philosophies and Ideologies are now considered Progress. A premise the Left has lost sight of. They have become instinctual in their primal responses to a world filled with anxieties.

One should always remember Violence Begets Violence.
Government requires Linear Thinking and Planning for the future, a slow incremental process. Nothing about Obama is Linear. He always wanted instant gratification.
Obama's Intent was stated early in his presidency, to Fundamentally Change the Nation.
No-one thought that change would be between Good and Evil.

Now Obama has become openly seditious without the protection of his presidency. His cloak of protection from prosecution has evaporated. No-one believes making America better requires the constant destruction of civility and the assault on our Institutions.
No more passes for Obama's mischief. You want equal, here it comes!

The nation needs Fidelity from its Leaders. Those who broke the TRUST must be brought into the open and punished.


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