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The Democrats Get Crazier

Gathering Of The New Democrats

Democrats Now Want to Fine Americans for Not Voting
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When Republicans lose elections, the party usually turns introspective. What did we do wrong? Why did we run such a crappy candidate? What do we need to change in our messaging to make sure this doesn’t happen next time? Who stayed home and why? This reflection doesn’t always lead to good political decision-making, but it’s at least somewhat in keeping with conservative principles. You failed? It happens. Take responsibility for it. Fix what’s broken. Get ’em next time. It’s the healthy approach to an electoral loss.

Democrats, on the other hand, are too blinded by their own arrogance to do this kind of serious soul-searching after a disastrous election like the one they just went through. Oh sure, liberal blogs have to fill their content quotas, so you get a little bit of the “We shoulda nominated Bernie” stuff, but it’s mostly limited to the far-left fringes of the conversation. As far as the majority of elected Democrats in this country are concerned, the only real mistake they made was not campaigning enough in the Rust Belt. Other than that, Hillary Clinton and downballot Democrats did everything they could possibly do to win the election. 
Unfortunately, there’s only so much you CAN do when the Russians are attacking, the media won’t stop putting Trump on the air, fake news is all over Facebook, the FBI is trying to sink the ship, WikiLeaks is out to get you, and everything is just so damn unfair!
Democrats believe, truly and wholeheartedly, that we live in a country that LOVES Democratic Party policies. They believe that if we held an election where every single eligible citizen was forced to cast a ballot, Republicans would never win again. They believe it so much that they are now trying to put that grand experiment into action.

Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, a Manhattan Democrat, is getting the ball rolling with new legislation that would impose a fine of $10 on any resident of New York state who does not vote. “Mandatory voting would drastically increase civic participation and transform the political arena by making politicians more reflective of the constituents that elected them,” she wrote.
These are the same Democrats, by the way, who claim that their voters are too poor and infirm to obtain ID.

But if you’re looking for consistent logic in the left’s excuses, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The excuses ARE the logic. The world makes no sense to Democrats, so you can’t expect their “fixes” to make any sense. You can only expect those fixes to curtail freedom, which they inevitably do.

Source: The Unfiltered Patriot
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