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Tell the Republicans to do their damned job...



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Tell the Republicans to do their damned job

I grow weary, beyond weary really, with the “but the Democrats” crap. And I shouldn’t be alone.

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We just had an election — Democrats got trounced. There are fewer Democrats in the legislative branch across the country since before the Great Depression. There is a Republican president to go along with those legislative majorities as well. Democrats lost more than 900 seats nationwide during the Obama years. The Democrats are literally in disarray and powerless.

1. Let me repeat that — the Democrats are literally powerless.

Republicans have all the political and parliamentary power to do pretty much whatever they want. Democrats can stop nothing. Only the Republicans can stop themselves.

We are not a nation of laws. We should be but never really have been. Instead, we are a nation of political will, and always have been. That political will, though, doesn’t come from the politicians. It comes from the will of the people. This is where you come in.

The Democrats cannot stop the Republicans from repealing every word of Obamacare, as the Republicans voted to do 50 times before the 2016 election.

The Democrats cannot stop us from learning the truth about whether or not the former president wire-tapped the current one.

Republicans have all the votes and power they need to repeal Obamacare. And they’ve had it since the day they took office more than two months ago. They now have a Republican president to sign it into law as well.

2. Tell them to use their power.

Your Republican president doesn’t need to wait for a congressional investigation into Obama wire-tapping. Nor does he need to just tweet about it. He is the freaking commander-in-chief and arguably the most powerful man in the world. He has almost limitless power to declassify anything any time.

3. Tell Trump to use his power.

After all, wouldn’t you love to catch Team Obama red-handed? Well, Trump has the means to do so. Nothing is stopping him. Right now, even. So why not squeeze when you’ve got their nether regions in the palm of your hands? Dude already went back on his pledge to “lock her up.” Now he’s not gonna declassify the documents that could bust Obama, too? Come on, man.

The best revenge in politics is governing well.

Enough, darn it, with the “but the Democrats” crap! Stop falling for the banana in the tailpipe, conservatives.

Ranting about the Left on social media or cable news does literally nothing to defeat the Left. “But the Democrats” click bait literally does nothing to defeat the Left, either. But boy, it sure pays well.

That’s why most of conservative media won’t be spending as much time holding Republicans accountable for their promises as much as publishing “but the Democrats” click bait — because too many “conservatives” just want the circus, not the bread. Too many “conservatives” just want to vent rather than govern. Too many “conservatives” oppose the Left more than they actually support conservatism. Too many “conservatives” will be the first people saying next election “but the Democrats” after getting squat from the Republicans ... again.

The best revenge in politics is governing well. If Trump truly wants revenge on Obama for stacking the bureaucratic swamp and spying on him, then he should use his power to dismantle Obama’s legacy. Beginning with the sham, Cloward-Piven not health care, which bears his name, followed by his massive subsidy of the ayatollahs called the “Iran Deal.”

4. And all of you reading this should be demanding just that.

It is time to be adults. We are past halfway through the first 100 days when Republicans had all the momentum they needed coming out of a victorious election, and they’ve done almost nothing with it. Other than watering down an immigration executive order that was clumsily unveiled the first go around.

They are going to blow this once-in-a-generation opportunity unless we start seeing victory in the context of public policy advancement, and not “Yeah dude, so-and-so really stuck it to that snowflake on (fill in the blank cable news show) last night.”

President Trump keeps telling us “the time for talk is over.” I couldn’t agree more. So tell him, and his fellow Republicans, to do their damned job.


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