Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pelosi and Waters: Show us How Un-American the Democratic Party is !

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                                   DUMBER And DUMB

Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and a host of other Democrats spoke before an Iranian group on Monday denouncing President Trump and American immigration policy.

Pelosi Tells Iranian Group “we need to rid our country of any attitudes” supportive of Trump’s immigration program

Pelosi spoke to the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, telling them,
“We have to work harder in our country, this beautiful country built on a poetic vision, to rid our country of some attitudes, some negative attitudes that are not poetic, that are not constructive because we do believe that all the newcomers that come to America make America more American.”
“Invigorating our country with hope, determination, optimism, courage, the spirit that they’re going to make the future better for their families and in doing so, make the future better for America,” Pelosi said.
“That was our Founders’ poetic vision, really,” she added.
She continued,
 “we need to rid our country of any attitudes”
… that are supportive of President Trump’s immigration program, including executive orders barring travel from terror-infected countries.
Pelosi justified her stance by saying as a member of Congress, she takes an oath to defend the Constitution, and “that means the rights of every person in our country.”
At the same event, Maxine Waters said, “While everyone is focused on what we can do to respect and honor all human beings, it’s about man rights, it’s about religious freedom, it’s about all of that, let me just take it up a notch.
“It’s about the fight, also,” Water said.

“It’s about making sure that we are prepared to stand up for what is right and whether we are prepared to stand up and honor our own Constitution here in this country,” she said.
She condemned Trump’s travel ban.
“While this is a wonderful time. This is a time when we talk about peace, we talk about our hope for the future, let me just tell you, it’s a time to understand who our friends are and who our enemies are,” Water said.
“And I know we don’t like to talk about it, but I live with this every day,” she said.
While she wasn’t explicit, the “enemy” Waters was likely referring to was Trump, whom she has repeatedly called to be impeached.
Wow!  What a pair! Of Democratic Idiots ,Very un- American ,  Communistic Democrats . This is why President Trump needs to Drain the Swamp of people of the likes of these Two.
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