Saturday, March 18, 2017

Is Soros Getting Nervous With All Of the Negative Attention He Is Now Getting?

Ole George takes umbrage against any investigation into his dealings. My, my. Will justice be served, will he wheedle out of any iron clad evidence against him, or will he flee America.

Justice for this parasite is long overdue. We will see what, if anything comes from the Senate call for a probe.

The following post gives much information regarding this miserable excuse for a human being.

Soros Strikes Back After GOP Senators Call for Probe Into State Department Influence
Scheming Hungarian vampire George Soros is using the New York Times as a megaphone to save his miserable ass after several Republican senators called for an investigation into State Department dealings with his global octopus.

Soros and his myriad organizations are fully integrated into the global power structure and in addition to promoting a dangerously evolved form of communism abroad are also likely behind the anti-Trump protests in America.

The senators led by Utah’s Mike Lee send a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson demanding that he conduct a review on whether US taxpayer money is being funneled to support leftist groups in Europe including Macedonia and Albania.

According to a press release issued by Senator Lee “GOP Senators Call on Sec. Tillerson to Investigate State Department Meddling”:
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and a group of Senators called on Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson today to immediately investigate how US funds are being used by the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to support left-of-center political groups and impress left-leaning policies on sovereign nations, regardless of their desire for self-determination. One such group is USAID multi-grant recipient, the George Soros-backed Open Society Foundations. Sen. Lee and his colleagues believe this behavior is unacceptable and must be halted immediately.
Sens. Inhofe (R-OK), Tillis (R-NC), Cruz (R-TX), Perdue (R-GA), and Cassidy (R-LA) join in signing the letter.“Over the past few months, elected officials and political leaders of foreign nations have been coming to me with disappointing news and reports of US activity in their respective countries. This includes reports of diplomats playing political favorites, USAID funds supporting extreme and sometimes violent political activists, and the US Government working to marginalize the moderates and conservatives in leadership roles,” Sen. Lee said. “This sort of political favoritism from our missions around the world is unacceptable and endangers our bilateral relationships.”
The letter calls on Secretary Tillerson to, “…investigate all funds associated with promoting democracy and governance and review the programs, accounts, and multiplicity of US entities involved in such activities.
Soros along with entrenched Hillary Clinton loyalists within the State Department have been exploiting the lack of oversight under Democrats to conduct a rogue foreign policy. T-Rex Tillerson is in the process of cleaning them out at Foggy Bottom and the letter should serve to expedite the process.
But Soros hasn’t become the globalist uber-villain because he is meek, rather he is a cutthroat fiend who according to reports ratted out his fellow Jews to the Nazis during World War II to curry favor with his oppressors.

The nation’s fake newspaper of record has provided Soros with a soapbox from which he struck back with a Thursday editorial that he used to blast President Trump as a racist and play the persecuted Jew card.
Excerpted from “George Soros: When Hate Surges”:
I am an immigrant and an American citizen, and, as a philanthropist, have supported migrants all over the world for more than 30 years. Based on my experience and the facts, the president’s approach to immigrants is just wrong — and a new round of court injunctions against Mr. Trump’s latest proposed travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries suggests many in the federal judiciary agree. It does nothing to make America safer, while whipping up emotions against immigrants that have translated into an alarming surge in hate incidents all across our nation. My heart goes out to the victims of violence, whatever the source. But in the name of protecting the population from a relatively minor source of concern, he is branding all immigrants as criminals.
But targeting immigrants and minorities with false and prejudicial rhetoric, as Mr. Trump has done during the campaign and in the early weeks of his presidency, has spurred a surge in hate acts against them. The Southern Poverty Law Center found that hate incidents reported in the first few weeks following Mr. Trump’s victory were at levels normally seen over a six-month period. No community appears safe from this rash of hate — with reports like school bullying against Muslim children, stories of Latinos being harassed on the street and told to “go back to your country,” attacks on blacks and gays, and the desecration of Jewish cemeteries. This is a country that prides itself on neighbors looking out for one another. In Donald Trump’s America, we are increasingly at one another’s throats.
As hate incidents surged after the election last fall, I announced a $10 million investment to provide legal and social services to victims of hate crimes, to encourage local organizations across the country to do the same and to propose improvements and new ideas. This week we opened our Hate Incident Database to monitor the scope and depth of hate incidents across the country.
Having survived the Nazi persecution of Jews in Hungary, I escaped from Soviet occupation at age 17 and made my way first to Britain and then to America. This is not the America that attracted me. I have seen the damage done when societies succumb to the fear of the “other.” And I will do all I can to help preserve the openness, inclusiveness and diversity that represent our greatest strength.
Demonizing immigrants weakens our country. Fighting against hate crimes makes us grow stronger together.
His screed will sell big time with the SJW’s, loopy leftists and violent who have been easily hoodwinked into the cult of identity politics as practiced by parasites like Soros.

The big rolling out of the brand spanking new Hate Incident Database at Soros front group Communities Against Hate will keep many a liberal loon busily filling it with alleged “hate” crimes – the censors will conveniently omit any of the leftist rabble’s attacks on Trump supporters and white people.

However, Mr. Soros’ cover has been blown and with patriots in Congress now closing in his time in history is drawing to a close. While he won’t go quietly and will use his billions to fill the streets of America with the blood of innocents if necessary, his NYT piece is the desperate squealing of a cornered rat.


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