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Absolute Brilliance: Trump's Master Plan on Healthcare, Art of the Deal 101

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Absolute Brilliance: Trump’s Master Plan on Healthcare, Art of the Deal 101

Stay with me on this.

I believe we are witnessing a master stroke from President Trump in pure Art of the Deal fashion. So many people today are gloating on social media that Trump “looks like an amateur” or “Trump is in over his head”. I’m sure you’ve seen the posts.

But…..what if this was actually step one in Trump’s master plan? I’m serious, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

I have always said that Trump is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. He’s always 5 steps ahead, but makes you THINK he’s losing. Then when he beats you, he’s a mile down the road before you even realize he just ran over you with a Mack Truck and you never saw it coming.

I believe that’s what we are witnessing here.


For starters, did anyone else think it was very weird how Trump seemed very distant from this whole healthcare bill process? It was not his bill. He said he supported it. But his fingerprints were not on it. It was not his baby. He wasn’t out there championing it. He did the bare minimum to support the bill. Struck me as VERY odd.

But then you have to remember some things about how Trump plays the game.

Like this Tweet of his from 2014:

You see, I believe Trump’s plan was to let Paul Ryan and all the other RINOs have just enough rope to hang themselves. To fall flat on their face. To let them fail in spectacular fashion, for all the world to see. It’s a walk away close, played out with more skill than I’ve ever seen in any business setting. And they walked right into it.

Now that they’ve failed, Trump will bide his time and wait before presenting his plan. The real plan. The plan he had all along. And with the RINOs already disgraced and out of his way, he’ll be primed to push.

This isn’t just my theory.


Check out this BRILLIANT article from Breitbart:

Exactly two weeks ago, this author predicted the defeat of the American Health Care Act — and explained that it was a step towards the final, actual deal that will repeal and replace Obamacare.
President Donald Trump faces three irreconcilable factions: the GOP establishment, conservatives, and Democrats. He must bring them together — to “deliver the goods,” a key rule in The Art of the Deal. But first he must show them “the downside” — and convince them they will fail on their own.
The most difficult faction to deal with is the Republican establishment — not because they are politically strong, but because on policy issues like health care, they are convinced that they have all the answers and that Trump just does not understand.
So he let them make the first move — and he exposed two things about them: first, that they had not come up with a plan that was ready for prime time; second, that they had not done any of the political legwork necessary to sell their plan to voters.
Trump gave Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Republican leadership enough rope to hang themselves. Instead of dictating terms to him, they will now depend on him to save them, politically. They must accept whatever plan he will put forward.
But Trump will not make the next move. He will let the conservatives move first. They are the big winners in the first round — much more so than the Democrats, who are enjoying the spectacle of Republican dysfunction but have no role to play yet.
The conservatives will proceed with their demand for a full repeal of Obamacare. And then they will face the ire of voters who are deeply unhappy with Obamacare but upset about losing the paltry, expensive health insurance they currently have.
That, too, will strengthen Trump, and convince conservatives they need his leadership.
Whereupon Trump will turn to the moderate Democrats and offer them a deal — perhaps catastrophic health coverage in exchange for repealing Obamacare.
Democrats would take that deal because they would see a government-backed catastrophic insurance system as a possible path to the universal health care system of their dreams. Republicans would take that deal — after exhausting all of the other options — because it would leave enough room for the free market to provide insurance for most health issues, and for states to experiment with their own policies. And the more health care stakeholders who can be brought into the process, the better.
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Well President Trump is right again ,this whole thing is A Democratic mess from the Get Go, and the People said No Eight Years ago .And now 
Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Disagree With A Lot Of Trump’s Ideas ...So the Democrates screw " WE THE PEOPLE " Again ! 
Democrates are Like A bunch of spoiled little Kids that didnt get there own way .

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