Monday, February 20, 2017

What's on my mind ?:02/20/17,The Lame Stream Media ( CHRIS Wallace )

What's on my mind?
The Lame Stream Media

by Marty DuShey 

shared a link.

CHRIS Wallace get off your elite pompous ASS and quit sucking up to the lame stream media!

The lame stream media is the enemy of the American people, as they continued to a complete 24 / 7 blitzkrieg of Donald Trump's administration and agenda.

There are so many examples no one can deny their attack against you the deplorable. POTUS Trump and you the American people.

Read this article which explains about Hillary While in the State Department and Bill Clinton with the blessing of the Democrats, 20% of our uranium supplies was given to Russia and she received millions of dollars in return including Bill Clinton.

Where in the hell has the lame stream media Outrage,there has been very little coverage, almost none..

They are not journalists but propaganda HACK'S for eight years for Obama, the Democrats ,Amplified for Hillary Clinton during the election
. We must stop the liberal media and Hollywood from destroying our president's administration and the American agenda which we need for America survival as a nation, PERIOD !

Some media pundits like Chris Wallace who did a hatchet job on Reince Priebus this morning.
Smart ASS, Chris wallace so offended by what Donald Trump said, by the use of the words, " That Journalists are Enemies of Americans"

Quite frankly is nice to see what Rush Limbaugh knock you Chris Wallace off your elite pompous ass to the deck !

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