Sunday, February 12, 2017

What's on my mind ?:02/12/17,War on Drugs! Citizens Commission for Human Rights

What's on my mind?
War on Drugs! Citizens Commission for Human Rights

by Pearl Leona Sturgis

War on Drugs! Citizens Commission for Human Rights:

 (a public service booklet) 1 800 869 2247 

In US the rate of crime and suicide have been increasing since the 1960s. when psychiatric and psychological programs became most prevalent in society. The rate of drug abuse has driven 370% since 1960. 

The rate of reported thefts from 1960 to 1992 increased 200%! The estimated number of adults arrested for the sale of manufacture of drugs nearly tripled from 1980 to 1988. Between 3 and 5% of all school children up to 2.8 million are treated with ritalin. The amphetamine drug is known to cause serious problems, including violent and suicidal thoughts. 

The number of Americans under the criminal justice control reached 5 million by 1994. How desperate have people become? suicide is the second leading cause of death, after accidents, to the ages between 12 and 17. As many as 400,000 suicide attempts are being made yearly. 

Between 1985 and 1990 the number of prescriptions for ritalin rose from 1000 to 16,000! More than 120,000 infants between the age of one and four are given sedatives marking them drug prone before they even reach school age.

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