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Schumer Using “BLM Tactics” To Create Maximum Chaos, Destroy Gen Flynn, Trump

Democrats Frame Gen Flynn, to Resign

Subversive Senator Chuck Schumer
chuck schumer

Obama Operatives Forced Flynn Out! Dick Morris

The Democrats are lashing out in all directions, obstructing at every possible turn and in general doing to the United States government exactly what their BLM and other agitators do on the street, creating as much chaos as possible as a means of attacking those they have targeted. Subversive Senator Chuck Schumer is utilizing the traditional Democrat divide and conquer tactic against the Trump administration, less than a month into its existence and still with half of the President’s cabinet nominees yet to be confirmed.

Schumer is grandstanding, attempting to cut National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn out from the herd. He’s calling for the President to revoke Flynn’s security clearance and launch an investigation into possible law breaking. That’s a topic on which the Democrats, who ran a profiteering anti-American spy for president, as the successor to the illegal alien squatter they previously manipulated into power, have absolutely zero credibility.

Schumer has no shame, as his humiliating dry tears display in response to the travel ban illustrated, he will do or say anything for a political advantage. He told reporters, “We have asked for and demand an independent investigation of what Flynn’s discussions were with the Russian ambassador and all others.”

That’s realistic, Schumer, of course Flynn, especially if he were up to no good, recorded and then had the contents of the discussion transcribed for use in case Democrats wanted at some future point to go on a witch hunt, to attack the President through him. And not just that conversation, Schumer says, but “all others.”

Who records all of their conversations with everyone, Schumer? Most folks don’t record any of their conversations. Even the narcissist Obama, unless his comments were inadvertently picked up while he was enamored with himself, making a selfie video, didn’t do that. Flynn’s not a narcissist and he’s not into that whole selfie thing, so shameless Schumer is out of luck.

Schumer told the attending propaganda media, “his security clearance ought to be withdrawn until that independent investigation is completed.” He added, “If he has violated any law or ethical precept he ought to be fired.” Nancy Pelosi said earlier on Monday that Flynn should be fired immediately.

Is that really where Schumer and Pelosi want to take this, to a battle where ethics failures lead to firing or a resignation? Are they so ready to subject themselves and their fellow Democrats who became rich through “public service” to that same scrutiny? Since we’re on the topic of Russia, should John Kerry, the State Department and the Clinton Foundation’s profiteering by selling our Uranium to Russia be the first order of such business? What about Kerry’s State Department grants to his daughter’s UN “Charity?”

There’s also the possibility that Schumer is trying to drive a wedge between Vice President Pence and members of the administration or to somehow create a situation, maybe near term or down the road a bit, where Pence is moved into the White House and Ryan takes over as VP, a situation some might argue would be more palatable to the globalists than the man the American people elected, who is so tirelessly dedicated to putting America first and unraveling their destruction.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said President Trump is “evaluating the situation,” that “He is speaking to Vice President Pence relative to the conversation the vice president had with Gen. Flynn and also speaking to various other people about what he considers the single most important subject there is: our national security.” That’s exactly what we would expect him to say – the President has looked into it, there’s nothing there, we see what you’re doing, shut up. This is just more of what we can expect for the next four years. The administration needs to simply refuse to allow themselves to be lassoed into this petty narrative. Change out the propagandists in the briefing room and continue to conduct the people’s business without them. Use the nuclear option to take charge in Congress and spend the next four years fixing what is wrong with this nation.

If America doesn’t appreciate what has been done for them by the end of that point, then they’ll elect another communist or another one will be inserted in the same manner as in 2008. Enough of this bull crap. The more they are rewarded with consideration the more they will continue to “BLM” the Trump administration.

Schumer’s on a fishing trip without any bait, so he’s wagging his tongue to see if he gets any nibbles. Better stick with worms, Chuckie boy. There’s nothing that’s going to hit that bait.


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