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A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:02/04/17 Here's my thought for today,Science Fiction Story

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving 

Good morning my friends 
Americans patriot constitutionalist 
 Here's my thought for today 

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Hello my Christian constitutional American patriots.

Good morning friends and fellow Americans and patriots,

science fiction story
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Hello friends,

 I was thinking about writing a science fiction story, I'm going to share a little bit of it with you to see what your reaction is to the story. It started in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War, American scientists were working on nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, when they stumbled upon a mathematical and physical formula for multiplying nuclear energy. 

During their experiments they realize that the nuclear energy was increasing and expanding at a horrific rate, and was becoming difficult to contain. Their experiments started to become unpredictable, the yield started to become greater than they anticipated, and they the scientist and physicists became fearful of testing anymore of these configurations on earth. So they convinced the government to allow them to test one of these two weapons that they had created on a planet in space, this planet that they chose was 10 times the size of Earth, and 10 times the mass. 

So this weapon was put on a delivery system, under the ruse of a weather satellite, and said to this planet in space. It took decades for this device to reach its final destination, but in 1980 when it reaches final destination it was detonated !. To the horror of the scientific community the entire planet was destroyed ! With only small media right size pieces left, after traveling decades to get to this planet, and after it was detonated, the percussion took 10 seconds to reach earth, which caused a weather phenomenon, which led to the government releasing false reports of a star exploding 10,000 ly from Earth. 

The percussion hit the East Coast of the United States between 11 PM and 1 AM Eastern standard Time. At that point in time scientific community realized that the experiments in nuclear weapons need it to stop !. So they lobbied some of the people in government to hold and stop the nuclear weapon program of the United States, they convinced one of the enemies of their United States Russia to stop their nuclear program !. Scientific community for the United States realized that if anyone was suicidal and possessed one of these weapons, or created one of these weapons, the entire human race and the planet Earth would cease to exist ! That's all I wrote so far that me know what you think of it, it's just a science fiction story. 

By-Bill Sharpe

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 I would recommend that everybody go online and take a free course on the Constitution from Hillsdale college, I would also recommend that everybody should join a local militia group, and a patriot organization.


God Bless America is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938. The later version was recorded by Kate Smith, Note : I would Like you to take the 5 minutes and listen to the words of this Song and remember the Generation that fought A world war ,so we could be free ,So stand up be side Her and lets take our Country back ,my Patriot Friends ! 


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