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Wow! Look At The Drastic Step Bill Is Taking As The Clinton Foundation Is Under The Gun

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Wow! Look At The Drastic Step Bill Is Taking As The Clinton Foundation Is Under The Gun
This isn't what Hillary thought would happen ...

Things are so tough for the Clintons these days, they’re spending their own money.

Faced with an extreme drop-off in donations to the Clinton Foundation since Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes went up in smoke, Bill Clinton issued an appeal in an email this week offering to triple “every gift” to the foundation up to $200,000, according to the New York Post.

The question is, what would any donors be getting in return.

Of course it isn’t the chance to do good works. That was never what the foundation was about. As detailed in an in-depth report in The Washington Post in 2015 , the Clinton “charity” was founded in 1997 to raise money for the Clinton presidential library. It’s been raising money for the Clintons ever since.

With Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama’s secretary of state, the foundation was swimming in donations from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar — kingdoms with abysmal human rights records and an apparent eye on purchasing favor with the United States government.

But it has also attracted just the kind of attention the Clintons don’t want. FBI agents in New York — and possibly four other cities — are still investigating cases of money laundering, influence peddling and other forms of corruption, according to The Daily Caller.

The Hillary Clinton email server scandal, for instance, was directly tied to her work for the Clinton Foundation, as FBI investigators on the ground who believed they had evidence of Clinton corruption clashed with higher-ups in Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department who thought the evidence was weak, the Wall Street Journal reported:

Senior officials in the Justice Department and the FBI didn’t think much of the evidence, while investigators believed they had promising leads their bosses wouldn’t let them pursue, they said.

(That report was published Nov. 2, a white-hot point in the run-up to the election. Considering how forgiving Attorney General Lynch was when it came to the Clintons and the November election, the higher-ups would have thought a spontaneously burning bush in the Justice Department’s D.C. didn’t mean much either.)
The status of other FBI investigations of the Clinton Foundation in Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami was unclear.

But since Hillary Clinton is no longer a candidate for the presidency – and considering her age, will likely never be one again – those million-dollar gifts from foreign countries and large corporations have essentially stopped, according to an investigative author who’s written a best-selling exposé on the Clinton's’ financial dealings.

In an interview Tuesday on the news site’s Sirius radio program, Peter Schweizer said donations to the foundation have “dried up.”

“Donations are vastly, vastly evaporating” Schweitzer said. “They are almost essentially gone.”

That’s understandable. Donations to the Clinton Foundation have always depended on the Clintons’ political power. Since Hillary’s defeat banished the former first couple to the political wilderness (how appropriate that Hillary has been seen wandering in the woods), there’s no reason for the big money donors to drop checks in their direction. It’s not like the “charity” was ever about “charity,” after all.

“This is an organization that has thrived financially because really, since its creation up until now, you’ve always had a Clinton at either, number one, was in a position of political power that could do favors for donors: Bill Clinton was president. Hillary Clinton was a senior senator. Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. Or somebody was running for president – Hillary Clinton from 2013 on,” the author of Clinton Cash said.

“With that out of the picture, it seems pretty clear that a lot of the Clinton Foundation donors don’t find this a particularly attractive charity per se, by itself. I think the Clinton Foundation is going to be a shell of its former self.”

It’s already headed that way. According to the New York Post, Bill Clinton’s email appeal for money didn’t mention Hillary at all.


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