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Wave Of Liberals Move Out Of America In Trump Boycott...Have No Clue What They're Entering

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Sarah and her family flee America for a “better” life.

The dream for liberals and conservatives alike is coming true, tolerant liberals intolerant of a Trump administration are leaving the U.S. for a “better” life in other countries.

BCC Capital interviewed Sarah, who insists out of fear her last name remain anonymous, her husband and two daughters who decided to flee America as soon as Donald Trump won the election.

Sarah watched in horror as Trump won electoral vote by vote, conquer state by state. In a panicked rush, she called her husband who was at work and firmly told him, “That’s it. I want to go, and I’m not kidding.” Her husband responded, “I know. We can go.”

Although celebrities and prime-time talking heads such as ex-Daily Show host, Jon Stewart and trash-talking co-host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg have said on multiple occasion they would leave the U.S. if Trump becomes president; much to our dismay, they still live here.

Americans intolerant of President Trump are considering places like Europe to relocate.

Americans intolerant of President Trump are considering places like Europe to relocate.

Sarah and her family are just a small number of a pool of anti-Trump antagonists who have fed into the fear mongering tactics used by the left. However, unlike their celebrity counterparts, these working-class individuals and families are actually leaving the U.S.

Sarah said she felt like she had no other option to leave when Trump was announced president, this is mostly due in part to her husband not having U.S. citizenship. Sarah also said her “family’s safety and ability to stay together are number one” although she rather “stay and fight”. Whether she means staying to ‘fight off’ Trump’s new executive order on undocumented immigrants or ‘fighting off’ the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations agency or both is a question only Sarah can answer.

Sarah’s undocumented husband, who works mostly overseas, can afford to move their family unit to start a new life elsewhere. Sarah and her husband’s ability to move so effortlessly does not make them “lucky,” but “privileged.” Many countries require those entering who plan on staying to prove current or future employment, current income, current savings and how they will contribute to their new country’s society.

Realizing that her brisk decision to uproot to another country because of its shift in power might be a foolish decision, Sarah has expressed some weakness. In her BBC interview, Sarah stated, “What kind of example am I giving my kids just getting up and going when there are so many people here who can’t do that? Who is going to stay here to protect them and fight for them?”

For “safety reasons,” Sarah has also declined to disclose which country her family will be moving to. Nick Norman is another ex-patriot that shared his story with BCC Capital. Originally from Mississippi, Norman has spent the last two years in Japan and cannot dream of returning to the United States.

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Finding the horse’s ass.  Silly liberals, thinking like kids.

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